Lady Fantasy


Lady Fantasy,
do my eyes play tricks on me?
Is this some mirage—
this track bending round
and round the lip of ocean,
while seagulls wheeling
in white devotion
praise the One who gave them wing?
Lady, shall I sing
like shimmering sand
as I contemplate the hand
that shaped wing and me?

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego
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  1. This must be a lovely campus, sitting here on the Pacific coast. Now-a-days it is high value real estate too. I am wondering if this might be your alma mater?

    I suppose those seagulls make a mess of that red track. It must need to be scrubbed and ‘red washed’ quite often.

    As usual, I like your haiku writing. 🙂 This one to me is solemn and puts one into meditating on our “shaping.”

  2. Oh, this is “too” good! Lovely poem and thought. Wonderful picture to use with the poem..Very, very nice. Mickie

  3. a haiku poem. very well written!

  4. ah, the fresh ocean air as you run…

  5. Awesome shot….it is so interesting to study. Love the curves and the straight lines. Wonderful photo.

  6. What a lovely poem, I love the water the area was so big.

  7. Beautiful photo. How could anybody concentrate running on the track in such a setting? And, such a whimsical poem to go with it. Perfect post.

  8. trying to make me homesick are you?
    it’s working!

  9. Nice poem and shot. happy watery Wednesday…

  10. A wonderful and unique setting for a running track! Lovely poem for sure!
    a pleasure stopping by!

  11. The curve of the roadway is like a wing too.

  12. Impressive haiku poem. :O)

  13. Gorgeous! I used to live in San Diego and know exactly where you mean – lovely.

  14. The last three lines….fabulous!!!!

    As is your photo.

    My watery link: LAKESIDE FOG

  15. Nice sets of Haiku and very well combined!! Liked Lady Fantasy and the Mirage of the bending tracks!!

  16. Running tracks scare me as I could never run them well in school…. Maybe if I ran on one next to the ocean I’d do better.. 🙂

  17. This place must be made for running. Very nice.
    Have a nice day.

  18. Enjoyed vising with you today. A perfect outdoor scene with just the right words.

  19. I would have never ever come up with this very creative! I hope that Lady Fantasy is a winner for you!

  20. Dream of oval path:
    Bright way of water and sky;
    Where will it lead you.?


  21. Deep in thought and deeply impressed. Wow, what an eyeopener, your haiku and the track. Sounds inquisitive and observant. Extremely well written!

  22. Oh with a track like that I might even be convinced to try running!

  23. What a gorgeous campus that appears to be! Very uplifting haiku – so beautiful!

  24. Interesting …. great colors. And I love to see a “no snow” picture!

  25. That sky would make me want to run!!! Have a great week!

  26. really good!

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