Talavera y Mangos


three mangos singing—
dulce! delicioso!
golden ripe voices

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Talavera y Mangos by “Algosa” (Alberto Gomez Sanchez), Barrio del Artista, Puebla, Puebla, México
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  1. I can’t think of anything more photogenic/fun to paint than pears and mangos. Loved the perspective on your “trail” photo the other day.

    I’m not feeling very poetic today. How do you do it, EVERY day? Your skywatch poems are inspiring! Such a gift.

  2. William H. Brewer

    Lovely painting, really nice shot.

  3. Love the haiku. Sweet and delicious for sure. Would love a batch of mango salsa on some fish today, or just with chips. Sweet golden ripe voice indeed! I also love the setting for the painting, like it was set aside and awaiting attention. Cool!


  4. It is pretty..Happy SOOC Sunday.

  5. Another great capture. I love the way your eyes are always looking for the “art” shot.

  6. Hi MMT, that painting is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing and for visiting today.

    The Alamo is pretty cool, that is for sure … but the building itself is very tiny, and since it is a shrine you cannot take any photos of the inside. The city has built up around it. I really enjoyed the old trees and the old buildings very much.

    Have a wonderful week!

  7. Beautiful still life… love the photo too…

  8. charming…golden song
    so sweet my hands are sticky
    feasting on your words

  9. Hi! I loved your comment about my little “graffiti artist”! LOL! Nope…just an innocent “high five”!

    This photo of the gorgeous painting makes my mouth water!! Now I’m craving mangoes with lime and salt…..yummm……..


  10. sunlight caressing
    the edges of teapot and
    mangoes so gently

  11. Kettle is singing
    soon to visit beauteous pot
    such a sweet refrain

    Sue x

  12. Didn’t know mangoes could sing. But if you say so, I believe you, MMT.

    Your poetic talents never cease to amaze me. If you haven’t yet published a compilation, why not?

  13. I love the mangoes and the cobalt blue and white of the teapot. It is both warm and sweet. I like the alliteration as well.
    Noelle x

  14. How do we love that painting…oh, quite a bit! What a gorgeous thing to hang on our wall…..of course, your words are perfect….for not only are the three mangos singing…but these two sisters are as well!!

  15. Three mangos singing –golden ripe voices!!!! I absolutely love it Mickie

  16. Whoa! Lovely Mangoes…Love the hint of ripe red on them . They look like GULAB KHAS Manngoes we get here n India.Lovely painting

  17. Beautiful painting.

    Have a fabulous week!

    My Mellow Yellow.

  18. Those mangos look good enough to eat! Love the Haiku! And really enjoyed the poem, Shadow Singer, you left on my blog! Happy Sunday!

  19. Wonderful artwork…awesome shot 🙂

  20. Drat! I got to the end of the wonderful comments and totally forgot what I’d planned to say. Mango salsa on chips! Mango with lime and salt! Oh gosh, I’m drooling, and it all began with a photo and 3 mangoes singing. YUM…great shot!

  21. Hark! Haiku in the air,
    mango yellow and teapot blue
    song of you.


  22. Both the words and the picture are charming.

  23. Hermosa! both the painting and the photo. Mango, mi gusto!

  24. BREATHTAKING!!!!!!!!!


  25. This is a very amazing piece of art. Thanks for sharing and the haiku.

  26. That’s a very painting but the mango looks like an apple, I am not sure. Maybe my sight deceived me of the colors lol

    Mellow Yellow Monday

  27. i had very sweet mango for dessert this evening. i like the painting.

  28. Hi MMT! What a sensuous, delicious haiku! Mangoes are so exotic here in the northeastern US–I’m glad to know they have beautiful singing voices in Italian! Your photo seems to show a trail of juice around them–even more delectable! And the rich blue background and one flowered tile. Fantastico!

  29. nice! the mangoes look real! 🙂

  30. Lovely and I love it.

  31. lovely indeed. happy MYM!

    btw, please come visit and follow me here


    thanks in advance!

  32. It is so beautiful..I feel like painting it.

  33. oh, what a lovely painting! Beautiful!

  34. This is a beautiful and oh i love mangoes! We have lots of that all year round here in the Philippines.

    Thank you for the visit!

  35. Love the rich colors – great haiku.

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