High Altar


On this high altar,
commands to kill are given—
gods sigh in heaven.
Hush, my child, be still—
three sacrificial victims
struggling up the hill.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: City vista from atop Tlachihualtepetl (The Great Pyramid of Cholula), Cholula, Puebla, México
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  1. nice shadows on the stone, great city as the backdrop. happy sss mmt!

  2. the fence, and the city in the distance…speaks a lot.
    happy SSS! 🙂

  3. Pretty intense this.. God bless!!!

  4. Terrific shadows, beautiful skies! Looks like a lovely place, but your words do make me wonder about the history. Hope you have a great weekend!


  5. Very cool shot – love the perspective! Powerful words as well….

  6. Well, the trek up the hill must have felt closer to the gods, so the altar was laid at the summit. Happily, it remains a curiosity today, where life continues without the altars of the past…

  7. its got a gloomy hush to it… loved the uncertainty

  8. Lovely shadows!! Nice design they left on the stone.

    Mine will be up later today.

  9. Well, thanks for your comment..on my page.. couldn’t make out whether you liked them…yes, I agree..your Haiku is much more intense than what I write.. You are really very good and that’s why I love to visit and read..cheers!!!

  10. Sorrow fills this post, what man does in His name.
    Thanks for the poem in the voice of the shadow you left for me, that made me smile.

  11. Great ShadowShot. Have never gone to the Mexican pyramids or ancient sites. Seems very interesting. Hop you have a great weekend!

  12. Such a beautiful sky, lovely shadows and interesting spot! Love the haikus!

  13. Some unfitting moments of history. Why the fence, to keep the area sacred perhaps.

  14. So evocative…so well presented!

  15. Lovely shadow shot. Looks so peaceful there now.

  16. I’ve always wanted to visit the pyramids of Mexico…maybe some day…beautiful!!!

  17. A very sensitive, dramtic and challenging pair of haikus accompanied by a fascinating shadowy photo!

  18. Oh, my! So profound that I have to keep coming back to the words to let them sink in further and further. Nice shadows to boot…

  19. Are your trying to tell us you’re out of shape!? Great shot. I like Cholula Hot Sauce very much. Your category description says Cholula. I guess here must be a place with that name. Maybe in the future, you can guide me along on a trip to Mexico, I have never been other than a border town many years ago.


  20. MMT .. the alter was cut by the shadow, something it “thought” could never happen ? The perspective of the city below was its audience and never knew it ..
    Emma was happy to make people smile today : )
    PS … she is a bit of a tease ? *grin*

  21. What a gorgeous shot..I love the sky and the city in the distance.

  22. We have such a bloody history, we humans! Your words and photo taken from such a high point of view remind me of the Passion. You have a real gift for taking a wonderful photo and then bringing it to another level in your haiku.

  23. It’s amazing you always find those great places and with your prose? I can’t ask for more (again)

    I love the scenery, so calm though, I can feel the warm from the sunny day.

    Happy SS to you Lady, and enjoy the rest of the w/end.


  24. Great poetry, and the picture is stunning!

  25. Your poetry, as always, slays me (pun intended). Thank you for the delightful one you left on my SSS post.

  26. As I mull over the intent of your words to this photo, I want you to know that my comment meant no disrespect.

  27. amazing to consider the past among the present…. a fence to fend off the dead i can’t help but to consider… and the backdrop of an everyday world where life goes on… ouch sed the dead and gone…

  28. I guess we humans never learn to live in peace….
    but we should hope – without hope there’s no life…
    Great post!

  29. Great photo… it looks like the stone is high above the city… Lovely light and shadows…

  30. That’s a beautiful view!

  31. Great place to get an overview of the town below!

  32. What a great view of the town below.

  33. I especially liked the haiku!!

    Your comments are always welcomed as is your company!! Have a great Sunday!

    My Sunday Blog Post Link

  34. your haiku always leave me wanting more. I think I will call you the magical mystical master. there is some mystery here in your photo, and some nice shadows. I keep going back to look at it. I’m intrigued. happy SSS, and I hope you’re having a super weekend.

  35. Scary history, here.

  36. lovely pic and haiku. very true

  37. nice one! It’s my first time to join and I’m glad I did. Hope you can visit me at Septembercharm. Happy sss!

  38. I like the shadows fences leave!

  39. powerful, particularly the second one.

  40. beautiful poetry and photograph MMT 🙂

  41. Nicely orchestrated ~becca

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