Shadow Tree


Dancing shadow tree,
from my shackles set me free—
let me leap with you!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Santa Rosa Plateau, Murrieta, California
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  1. Beautiful ghoto- and I love your haiku!

  2. What an incredible old tree! Terrific capture for the day! I love it! Enjoy your weekend!


  3. The tree looks spooky against the sky!

  4. What an interesting old beauty! Lovely shape. The world is so full of interesting things.

  5. ha! your haiku is spot on, and that’s one beautiful, gnarly tree.

  6. Only you would see this tree as not dead or dormant.
    Dancing, yet!

    Thanks for the ideas and questions in “Some say that shadows.”
    I used to post what I called “reverse shadows” for want of something better to call them.

  7. The tree looks alive, and dancing the samba or rumba. If not actually, it seems to be swaying to and fro, showcasing how light it is on its feet – or is that roots??

  8. The tree is looking like its from a fairytail!
    The picture was taken from my balcony. This is the view from my living room window and from my garden:)

  9. This tree has a lot of personality! Loved the little tree ditty you left on my blog!

  10. Great shot…that tree has lots of character with its odd shape and gnarly branches.

  11. This one is so nice! Great shot! Happy Sunday! Here’s my entry, hope you can dropby my site . Thanks!

  12. Gorgeous photograph… I just love the way you see the world through you camera… and your poetry… such a pleasure…

  13. Delightful! The idea of a dancing shadow tree is simply magical! And we do seem a little bound by earthly things don’t we?

    Also, thank you so much for your email! I was in the process of questioning when it arrived! You confirmed my thoughts!

  14. WOW!!! Just love this photo.

  15. An old tree like the one in the picture seems so human like. Are we really so rooted? The old tree doesn’t even need the breeze to make it dance. The winds have left that sense of movement within it forever. Just like us. If we are fortunate and have paid attention. Thank you for visiting.

  16. Thanks for visiting. Lovely shot. Charmaine

  17. What a gnarly tree! Great poem to go with the photo.

  18. Knarled and twisted, reaching skyward.

    My desert lily I captured last year so perhaps they were not as prevalent this year. We visited Joshua Tree this year but they were not in bloom. Nowhere did we see as many flowers as last year, a late season perhaps?

  19. A fine shot of that tree, I wonder what it would look like in monochrome? The poem is very fitting.

  20. Wow! I would also love to be free and dance with that flamboyant, gamboling tree! This is such a dramatic photo with the branches reaching to the blue, white-puffy-clouds sky! It makes me want to dance the Maypole. Remember doing that on May Day?

  21. What a gnarly old tree. Such a great contrast against the blue sky.

  22. What a great tree–those gnarled, twisted branches give it such character. Your haiku is fabulous, and that “little ditty” that you sent along was great! How do you do it–time after time you come up with these great little rhymes. Love it–always look forward to seeing your name on my comments. Mickie 🙂

  23. That gnarled tree is awesome. well shot!

  24. You have a great shot for SOOC Sunday.

  25. Beautiful shadows!

    My shadows, hope you can come and see. Have a blessed Sunday!

  26. That tree is cool…Happy SSS!

  27. Wow. The world needs as many sentinels it can get its ‘hands’ on. You sure have images from a lot of different geographical locations!

  28. The tree looks creepy but it is beautiful! I love how it seems like reaching out to the blue sky. The accompanying haiku is great, too.

  29. Beautiful like a postcard.
    Happy Sunday!

  30. It looks like it is clawing its way from the ground about to leap into the sky! I like your dramatic tree!

  31. I love that tree, it looks ancient and wise!

  32. wonderfully written ‘ku. i always like almost leafless trees 🙂

  33. What a delight to see how you handled the prompt proposed by me.. indeed..we both looled at trees for inspiration..well play more..I may come with some thing new in a couple of days..

  34. MMT .. I enjoyed your little poem very much .. the “dance” between dark and light forces is a constant one.
    This tree is PERFECT for a Halloween nut such as I am .. now if only I could find one in October to keep me company?
    Joy : )

  35. Wonderful picture and Haiku to complement it.

  36. What a terrific subject!!!

    Thanks for stopping by this morning…it’s always a pleasure having your company.

    My Sunday Link:
    Airplane Shadows


  37. Lovely mysterious looking tree.If only it could talk, what tales might it tell.

  38. Love those curly branches!

  39. It is dancing, isn’t it! That tree would be a great candidate for a scary movie, too! Thanks for stopping by.

  40. it is quite the expressive dancing tree

  41. Trees with shapes like this are amazing to look at. love it.

  42. A perfect partnership: A hauntingly beautiful photo where the essence is caught in a perfect match in the beautiful haiku.

  43. This tree photo is scruptious! Just love the twists and turns and you KnOw it’s seen soooo much in it’s twisted life!! Happy SSS to you.

  44. What a great tree!! It brings to mind so many ideas!!

  45. Love the shape of that tree and your haiku. You got a lot of mileage out of this one.

  46. That is a great tree, and fantastic image to go with it.

  47. I love this photo !!

  48. Lovely shot … facinating tree!

  49. Intriguing photo – awesome shapes, they could be branches or uprooted roots!
    Thanks for stopping by and for your poem!

  50. Great entry.
    The tree definitely looks like it’s off somewhere. Seeing it in the pitch black of night would probably scare the heck out of me.

  51. great shot of an old tree.

  52. The old tree looks scary but beautiful shot.

  53. You make magic with the Shadow Shot Sunday 😉
    Have a great week!

  54. amen to that thought, MMT! amen! 😀 let the shadow tree help.. I could use some I think!

    My OSI Post

  55. Wow! The language moves me. Just the idea of what I typically think of as a static object: “a tree” given the verb dancing…gets me thinking. And the Haiku moves me with the freedom, movement, shackles, free, and leap. Makes me want to practice my ballet. Smiling widely!

  56. If you wish to dance
    With your limbs set free, let my
    Girls show you the way


  57. If this tree could talk – what stories would it tell … great post!

  58. Cute, jolly haiku! :O)

  59. twisty, bendy full of character…my favorite thing about trees…lovely shot mmt!!

  60. Very nice haiku for the prompt, MMT. 🙂
    I like your dancing tree too! Our cypress tree has just gotten its foliage for the new season.

    brave cypress tree could
    I be like you cypress tree
    standing tall and straight

  61. Don’t you just love a gnarled old tree? Great haiku to match!

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