Shackles of Hunger


Shackles of hunger are holding you fast;
If you don’t eat soon, you simply won’t last;
But there on the corner, right in plain view,
Lies your salvation: hot pollo for you!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: A street in Cholula, Puebla, México
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Posted on April 18, 2011, in Cholula, Mellow Yellow Monday, Mexico, my digital photos, my light verse, One Single Impression, Postcards from Paradise, Puebla, REDnesday, Ruby Tuesday, Straight Out of the Camera Sunday. Bookmark the permalink. 26 Comments.

  1. take me,
    i’m yours!

  2. That yellow color really draws the eye to it and increases my desire for some hot pollo!

  3. absolutely a delight to see what you did with this here… I am waiting for more.. God Bless!!!!..

  4. cute!

    check out mine too, it’s cute!
    Cute Yellow Plane

  5. This shot is great and the accompanying poetry perfectly matched. I love it!!! And I love polo, too. I would be in that little restaurant so fast your eves would cross. Love it!

  6. Cute! And hot pollo is good!

  7. Great poetry which fits the wonderful photo to a tee.

  8. nothing like hot pollo! LOVE it when roasted Mexican style!!!

  9. Wow, authentic Mex. Tasty and original, as one can get. Unlike the version we see in New England, we van get good tastes but not authentic. No doubt, delicious despite the lack of ambience…

  10. Who wouldn’t notice such bright color? Hope you can also visit us for my post and my daughter’s entry . Thank you!

  11. Sweet verses…love the flow of this piece. Some pollo would cure the hunger!

  12. Much better that looking at the franchise stores that we see every day in Canada. I bet the food is also good there. Nice yellow shot.

  13. You can make poems about everything, I think 😀
    A hot pollo from Mexico sounds original…

  14. I love the poem! And what a fun place to eat.

  15. Looks like a fun place to eat…love your poem!

  16. Love the photo and words. You are so good.

  17. Great shot of the little Mexican restaurant. You words just made it all go together nicely.

  18. cute graphic on the building as well!

  19. Cute poem – perfect for Poetry Awareness Month! And Yummmm! We used to have El Pollo Loco near us and they were delish too! Great for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny and her senior parents, that’s for sure! 🙂

  20. Great Pic !
    Your poem is making me hungry .

  21. he he he! Very nice and funny!
    Thanks for visiting and taking the time to leave suche a beautiful comment;o)

    Have a nice day****

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