Sacred Place


Sacred place—
here shadows are born,
light and grace.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Oak grove at Santa Rosa Plateau, Murrieta, California
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  1. More trees, more friendly spirits. The barren-of-leaves trees are evident here in Wisconsin, but my recent trip to Atlanta has them all leafy and green, their shadows already cooling the air as it’s getting hot down South. Wish we’d get a spot of that weather here. Hope all is good with you. I love the photo. I’d like to be in such a place, for the weather, sure, but just to visit and relax. Thanks.


  2. Between the trees, souls float freely, waiting for a stray bird– or two– to lift them to the heavens.

  3. A very pretty outdoor scene. I love anything with trees in it. Just the right touch of blue sky to set it off.

  4. Shadow children are at play.

  5. Beautiful pictures and lovely words 🙂

  6. It does look like a sacred place!

  7. Good one… shadows are born even underand around our feet…

  8. You saved the best for last! Glad to make your day leaving the linky open longer than normal – this week has been utter chaos, and I’m just now getting around to visiting everyone. Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Dappled light, tree gift —
    softens wrinkles and touches
    souls of picnickers.

  10. Like paradise!!

  11. To come upon this lovely meadow would immediately feel peaceful, spiritual. The tiny center tree looks like a figure leaping for joy! Maybe it is a fairy or sprite…

  12. I really like the shadows you’ve captured under these trees.

  13. Oh, I’d like to get a blanket and spend some time under that tree with a good book and a jug of tea………

  14. ((don’t want to disturb the peaceful setting…just want to sit and breathe and enjoy…)) 🙂

  15. Shadows are very important. They are the product of rays of light and could not exist without it, Light could not exist without darkness and darkness without light. They are complimentary rather than conflicting forces in my mind. Each of us has a Shadow self that we must understand and embrace in love in order to be a whole and unique being.
    I play no “devil’s advocate” in saying this.

  16. i am all wrapped up in the beauty of this.

    thank you…

  17. beautiful it is.. the place and the shadows..

  18. It is a beautiful place to lay down and watch the sky.

  19. A soft place where gentle spirits roam! Very beautiful!

  20. Well captured. A beautiful image.

  21. Beauty, still quiet resting for the soul, sparking creativity. Nice place you have selected to share.

  22. So simple and so beautiful.

  23. I really like this one

  24. Few words tell a lot.

  25. SHORT.

  26. Wonderfully done !

  27. Beautiful. I had something of the same thought but could not put it in to words.


  28. That’s a beautiful tranquil scene!

  29. Awww it is awesome and very peaceful.. Nicely crafted 🙂

  30. Beautiful poem and image

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