Deep Wisdom


How deep your wisdom,
place of shadow, place of stone,
place where dreams are born!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
This post in memory of Deborah Gilchrist, fellow traveler, artist and poet, who knew how to haiku my heart.
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. O how lovely – both photo and haiku! Thefirst line of the haiku is particularly enchanting!

  2. so beautiful! Thanks for sharing both words and your image!

  3. I really like the red in this rock formation. I also enjoyed your poem.

  4. I love the direction of your different Haikus … lovely!!

  5. Beautiful landscape.

  6. Terrific capture as always! Love the skies and clouds — perfect backdrop for that red rock formation! I love it! Happy SWF! Hope you have a great weekend!


  7. Beautiful photo and poem!!

  8. deep gold perfection and that blue sky. this is it.

  9. Beautiful rock formation. Colors of sky, clouds and the red rock, breathtaking. Thanks for your comment and verse.
    I’ll visit you often……

    The French Hutch

  10. lovely Haiku and the photo is stunning!

  11. Not only does the Teacher have a way with words…but can read people too! Haha. I do envy your way with the Haiku tho. Your imagery and depth of feeling make the pic come off the screen. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you do more often 🙂

  12. Beautiful capture. Happy SWF!

    My Sky.

  13. what can I say to you?
    I like the poem, I like the light on the rock
    nice weekend, dear

  14. Marvelous!Perfect sky and view that is so breathtaking.

    Thanks for dropping by!

  15. So beautiful! Both words an photo 🙂

  16. Beautiful photo, great Haiku. Nice honor to Deb. What a loss for all of us. I zoomed in on the image. It has such fine lines of the gresses and the cracks in the stone. Awesome, really! Hope all is good with you.


  17. Wow vilka läckra färger;-))
    Ha en skön Valborg;-)

  18. A lovely spot for dreaming.

  19. What a beautiful light and the colors are magnificent, really. Lovely picture.

  20. Amazing colours! Your photo is magical and the poem is perfect.

  21. The colour of the Arizona sky is unlike any other place I’ve been.

  22. Life and Death, teachers
    whom I sometimes would avoid
    if I had my way

    Respect a love for the hard lessons as well as the joyful explorations. A beautiful day here full of light and shadow and surprising pain on hearing of the loss of someone I was just coming to know as a wonderful writer…

  23. such beauty and grace.
    thank you for your place in my heart and in our fridays!
    you are the golden part of sunrise.

  24. My feelings exactly when I sit among the red rocks.

  25. Beautiful picture and text 🙂

  26. Such a beautiful photo–the colors are soft and mellow yet striking too. Mickie 🙂

  27. Love the colours!!

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