In my innocence
I thought you were a clothesline,
snaggletooth border!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. one of my favorite things is a fence line. therefore, this is one of my favorite photos of yours!!! happy sss mmt.

  2. how i wish your innocence was universal.
    imagine the colourful clothes of humanity
    dancing together in the breeze of acceptance.

    on the clothesline of my heart…each garment is placed so loving close…
    it appears the family of man are all holding hands.

    thank you for filling me with oneness.

  3. The horses and cattle soon learned that all clotheslines are NOT the same…the rugged old west seems to be here, now or 100 years ago…

  4. Boy, what a neat shot-it also looks like it could have been taken somewhere here in NM.

  5. a very strong and striking shot..

  6. You’d have some hole-y clothes if you dried them there.

  7. what a powerful haiku … I was taken aback by the last line… so much depth and beauty in those words…

  8. snaggletooth border huh? I like that, and I love the irregular fence lines made from small trees. they have lots of character. nice shadows and sagebrush too. have a great weekend mmt.

  9. The application of the word “innocence” here wrings my heart. We have truly lost much.

  10. Oh dear…
    nice one.. 😉

  11. My 1st comment here. Your poem is quite impressive in terms of bringing the global community together. I love the entire Haiku. It is amazing how you packed so much beauty and empathy for people in such a short space. One of the best I have read. Thanks.

  12. Wonderful combination of photo and haiku. Very heartfelt, very stirring.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  13. I bet this snaggle tooth fence has seen scraps of cloth on it, if not a whole shirt. Great ShadowShot!!

  14. innocence is all.. lovely one

  15. Now how cool is that, for real barbed wire and a fabulous shot to boot. I love these wild west shots, as I love the desert and it’s diversity, there’s just something about it that calls to me…maybe it’s the heat…ha…it’s 71 degrees today, I’ll accept that in a hot second, without a second thought!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  16. Love your shot, it looks so desolate, and your verse very powerful.

  17. I don’t think some under garments or sheets and pillow cases would look at all out of place on that line. Snaggletooth, great use of the language. Another gem my friend.


  18. Great shot, and, of course, excellent haiku! I love your thinking! Mickie 🙂

  19. Your “snaggletooth” has taken the sting out of barbed wire 🙂

  20. A three row washing line is to be desired, though maybe not if barb wired!

  21. Love this sense of space fractured! Beautiful image! And that word “snaggletooth” creates a sense of fun drama!

  22. Very clever. That last line certainly added a whimsical humour to this haiku.

  23. Love the ‘straightness’ of the lines as compared to the ‘crookedness’ of the posts.

  24. I love how out here in the west, every scrap of wood is used…..the old fence lines are so interesting!

    Beautiful photo!

    Very peaceful….even though it is wire……….

  25. Oh nice shadow shot…happy SSS!

  26. A wonderful take on the prompt.


  27. huh, haiku and a shot together – a great post!
    Have a good week ahead!

  28. Great photo. I wonder what happened to the person who built this fence?

  29. well you realy create so well.. very nice..

  30. Interesting glimpse at what I imagine to be the old Southwest, MMT. I haven’t played shadows in a few weeks but I wanted to stop by and say Hi.

    When I first readthis I thought you were talking about the border between Mexico and the U.S.

  31. This shot is lovely too!!

  32. Very dramatic shot and poem.

  33. Great photo and poem.

  34. Hi MMT … great photo and funny poem. You are awesome. Thanks for your visit!

    Kathy M.

  35. well done…if only it were true!

  36. A thought-provoking Haiku.

    We have barbed wire fence around our pasture, but with different posts!

  37. That contains a world of thoughts…


  38. I like, “snaggletooth border”!

  39. Great composition! Love the shadows! Love your haiku as well!

  40. the humor is shining….

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