Healing Pools


from the dust of wilderness
healing pools arise.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Beautiful … brought to mind a trip to Arizona many years ago.

  2. Love your post. Short, simple and nice. Your scene and words go perfectly together.

  3. The colors in this are beautiful. I especially like the color of the reflection of the red hill(s).

  4. Looks nice shot… Happy Rednesday. Mine is here.

  5. The dance of atoms:
    Arabesque, Jeté, Glissade
    Into new creations.


  6. Find source of strength and nourishment where least expected. Nice!

  7. Adams always loved to dance,
    The spins put his mind in a trance,
    Then one night he was such a fool
    And spun right into an atom pool.


  8. great combination of spontaneity and healing!! 😉

  9. nice shot..i would love to go to a healing pool one day

    mine’s here

  10. “Healing pools” make me think of hot springs…ahhh…wonderful post!

  11. This one delights me — it speaks to a hidden wild place within me.

  12. Love the rusty colour!!

  13. What a beautiful, and very tranquil, scene. I love all the soft colors.

  14. Almost an autumn scene if you didn’t know it was in AZ – love the colours. Nicely spun, as always!

  15. looks like a peaceful place :0

  16. Lovely autumnal colours, thanks for sharing and visiting my blog:)

  17. I love these smal surprises in the forest. 🙂

    Thanks for the poem.

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