crosses dancing drunkenly
through the desert dust.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: St. John’s Catholic Cemetery, St. Johns, Arizona
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  1. wow, such powerful words. Thank you for causing me to pause

  2. A rustic and sad beauty.

  3. madeleine sara

    Intriguing concept. Great take on the theme :O)

  4. This reminds me of the graveyard at San Xavier Mission, south of Tucson…beautiful!

  5. seriously jOyful!!!

  6. Hmmm — wonder if the leaning cross says anything about the deceased? It leans to the right — a conservative? Falling off the wagon? A nonconformist who could never stay on the straight and narrow?

  7. Very interesting, thought provoking photo… I like it!

  8. Am I allowed to laugh?
    Such a reverend subject.
    Can’t help it.
    Like the haiku.

  9. I love the soft beige and blue colors in this one!

  10. Drunken crosses, what a thought!

  11. Your photo and haiku, as they always do, elicit emotions in people. I guess I am just accustom to seeing well manicured, green cemeteries, and the sight of this one makes me feel rather sad–if just seems so desolate and unkempt. Sad or not, it is still an excellent post. Mickie 🙂

  12. I have no idea why, but cemeteries are very fascinating to me, although if I thought about it I could probably come up with a reason ;). Thank you for sharing this great photo.

  13. Terrific capture, perfect words, a little sad, thought provoking, different and awesome! Can’t do better than that! Have a wonderful weekend!


  14. This is a wonderful post — I like both the picture and the words.

  15. they are really dancing..interesting and dramatic . Nice weekend, dear

  16. Such a simple cemetery. It seems as if monks would be buried there. Isn’t there an expression about dancing on a grave?

  17. Oooh!this is an eerie sky shot.

  18. Wonderful shot of those crosses dancing under that friendly sky.

  19. Wonderful photo!
    Wish I had taken it my self. 🙂

    Sunny greetings from Sweden.

  20. Thanks for your greeting 🙂
    Both your contributions are exciting. Especially I like the first. I wonder what crosses have been drinking.
    You’re right it is dandelions. In Danish they are called mælkebøtte (mälkebötte). Directly translated milkbucket.

  21. Very dramatic shot!
    Crosses dancing drunkenly? Wow…

  22. Different but great motive!

  23. Love all the lines in this photo. And it begs an answer to what made the cross lean. Pefect haiku.
    Very nicely done!

  24. And even the drunken dancer has flowers. How lovely.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  25. Funny the different responses that one invoked 🙂 Never thought of drunken crosses – I like the lightness of it.

  26. A perfectly thought out haiku for a fascinating photo.

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