Evening solitude—
O hear the ancient voices
singing down the sun!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Gorgeous shadow shot for the day and it does look like Arizona!! Beautiful colors! Hope you have a great weekend! Enjoy!


  2. Yes, I love the colors and the shadows in this one. That hill with the trees along the top of it reminds me of the back of a Mohican’s head…very stylish!

  3. Beautiful – it looks like a painting!

  4. singing down the sun.

  5. teenagersmom

    Gorgeous photo!

  6. what a beautiful scene…

  7. Meget spennende natur

  8. The red soil is of two minds here – as bright as the sun outside the shadow, dark and like the night within. The day will come to a close here soon, the blend of day and night yet to be reconciled – that is, until the sun sleeps for the evening…

  9. wow. I wish i was there, a place of reflection.

  10. “Singing down the sun” is a beautiful line, and the photo is gorgeous.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  11. That red earth is so beautiful! There is soil that coluor in Cornwall.

  12. Love the light in this one.

  13. Love that…”singing down the sun” That is lovely…as well as the shadow MMT!

  14. “singing down the sun”. Perfect words for a gorgeous ShadowShot.

  15. Solitude and evening; a good combination.

  16. Evening and solitude a great combination. I LIKED it!!!

  17. What a beautiful shot!!

  18. Really beautiful photo and words.

  19. Fabulous, I can just feel the texture of that red soil, and see it’s tracks in the car and house.

  20. What a great shot! I love the lighting.

  21. Beautiful light and color – such a relaxing scene.

  22. Beautiful and magical shot and Haiku..

    Someone is Special

  23. It looks so lovely and cool in the shadows, but hot as blazess in the sun. Bet that red dirt stains everything.

  24. such a beautiful place…inviting and warm…

  25. a few unsung songs… lovely Ku

  26. Perfect entry for SSS! Gorgeous shot. Hope you can visit mine too.

  27. This photo is magnificent! You caught the sun making the most brilliant colors at day’s end! The ancient voices accompany it! Very powerful imagery. (This photo could be a painting, btw.) Bravo, MMT!

  28. beautiful..

    Someone is Special

  29. A beautiful sense of magical legend in this haiku! And love the image!

  30. The volours are fantastic!! A very good shot!!

  31. Beautiful color!

  32. fabulous….this haiku is a painting in words…!

  33. Fantastic shot! I would like this lovely picture really biiiiiig-sized!

  34. beautiful scenary…

  35. Amazing the difference that red soil looks between shadow and light. I love the color composition here.

  36. lovely sunset shadow- love the “singing down the sun”

  37. great shot, love the sky and red earth contrast!

  38. WOW and WOW!

    great place to bring my favorite book and relax =)

  39. Fantastic shadow shot.

  40. wonderful shot and when I see at the first glance I remembered on the song of Laura Pausini and Renato Russo…SOLITUDINE…

  41. I can picture a beautiful evening such as the one in this poem. Lovely photo, too.

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