Jars of solitude,
fill me with your emptiness,
still my rambling heart.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Street scene, Puebla, México
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  1. Love the yellow canister!

  2. Sorrowful and beautiful haiku. Lovely jars

  3. I like your haiku.

  4. the subtly of movement in a mirror… love it!!!! just a few of the mesmerizing details that captures one’s vision in this photo…

  5. Fun canisters. The car reflections creates interest – is someone waiting for a spouse to make a purchase?

  6. Lovely, I find the car in the mirror a bit funny.

  7. I love your poetry and I appreciate it so much when I read your comments on my posts! Thank you so much! And, I love your wonderful ’empty’ jars! A great Mexican scene…nice work!

  8. Love the jars.

    I played too. My entries are here and here.

  9. The mirror has a beautiful frame! I like the rest of the photo, too!

    Thanks for the poem!

  10. Beautifully captured!

    Late bloghopping for mellow yeallow, hope you can drop by and comment on my entry at
    Etcetera Etcetera, see yah.

  11. We could all use some “jars of solitude”. There is a “need” for that in our lives right now. Great photo, excellent haiku = meaningful post. Mickie 🙂

  12. Little hints of red! Woo hoo…………

  13. The exotic jars, each stool of its own, are they lonely because they cannot reach each other?
    And empty under their lids?
    Hmm. I’ve been working with this haiku.
    As always beautiful. This one also so sad midst in the beauty.
    The grey car in the grey pineapple frame is a catch.

  14. This is an interesting photo. Are they urns for holding ashes?

  15. Empty? Let’s fill them with nature and beautiful greenery then!!

    link to my Ruby Tuesday – my newest watercolor painting

    Have a super day!!!

  16. You found just the touch of red in your deep thoughts,

  17. That’s a cool serene photo! I love it! You have an awesome poem. Thanks by the way for dropping-by at my My Mellow Yellow Monday: Personalized Yellow cake, etc. Have a great day!

  18. I loved that about ‘jars of solitude filled with your emptiness’ 🙂

  19. woh, these jars are painted in lively colors…awesome shot!

  20. Can feel words. Beautiful.

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