Rambling desert stream,
solitude of wilderness—
beloved teachers!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona at dusk
Written to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Sensational Haiku Wednesday
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  1. I like the way the stream just seems to end, and the reflection of the cloud!

  2. it’s looking for a way to the river.:p

  3. madeleine sara

    Interestingly thought provoking; both the haiku and the image :O)

  4. It is amazing how something out in the middle of nowhere, can make a pretty scene.

  5. I like the way this seems to appear out of nowhere, is present for a while, and then disappears.

  6. It flows so slowly
    While time races to the next


  7. love that place!! 🙂

  8. Lovely nature is our greatest teacher =)

  9. Nice capture. My WW entry is up too! Thanks and see you around.

  10. Brilliant!, you found poem in the desert

  11. Yes, I think I understand, I’m reflecting!

    Sue x

  12. OMG this is absolutely brilliant and that photograph is more than perfect to go with. Very well done my friend. 🙂

  13. I just never get used to the dryness in your photos. Even the stream looks so different then what I am used to.

  14. Very nice shot and haiku!
    Thanks for sharing;o) And thanks for the lovely haiku you’ve left in my blog too;o)
    Have a nice and happy day;o)

  15. Wonderful tranquility! Have a “tranquil” day!

  16. Hi, thanks for stopping by ! Have a great Memorial day weekend.

  17. I love the way you take a picture of a stream, it is so dramatic it seems like seeking something that could add the life of a stream

  18. come monsoon season
    desert stream
    a deluge or rapid, deep currents!!

    [ps…at first I thought you meant 100th as in years…then, duh…the blond roots left me, and I figured it all out on my own. LOL]

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to visit with anyone on Wednesday, so I’m playing catch-up!!!

    Thursday’s post: Pure Imagination

    Have a terrific Thursday y’all!!

  19. The simplest words can be the most profound – wonderful!

  20. Great shot, lovely landscape, thanks for your words!

  21. I love your haiku and the reflection in the water.

  22. Love it! And so love having you as such a huge part of this haiku family 🙂

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