St. John's Catholic Cemetery

Rambling days over,
quilt of desert solitude
wraps their weary bones.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: St. John’s Catholic Cemetery, St. Johns, Arizona
Written to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Sensational Haiku Wednesday
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  1. Again, well done!

  2. quilt of dessert solitude, very nice.

  3. oops I mean desert of course!

  4. ojo de dios
    thrusting up toward heaven
    end of earthly life

  5. Great shot.

    Happy sky watching!

    Liz @ A Simple Life

  6. Under the blue sky a peace and quite place stay by…

    Sky Watch

  7. I’ve never seen an ojo de dios wrapped this way! Fascinating!

  8. Very creative shot.

  9. I like the poetry of ‘quilt of desert solitude’.

  10. Solitude and contemplating is what I think when I look at the picture – a kind of harmony in it 🙂


  11. “weary bones” – describes me to a T (although fortunately mine are still animated!)

    Going to leave this one open for a few days more in celebration of our 100th week, in case the mood strikes again 😉

  12. Sad and beautiful at the same time…love it.

  13. Lovely haiku!
    Joyce M

  14. Very decorative cross, may whoever lies there be at peace.

  15. The red and white strips remind me of a candy cane. This is a beautiful photo and wonderful words. Have a great week. 🙂

  16. I love the haiku with that photo. So much deeper meaning and feeling to it!

  17. What a unique cross. Great find. Your words wrap the cross in a quilt, just as you describe. Wonderful.


  18. spændende billede.. 🙂

  19. absolutely delightful.. loved the way you ahve created it..

  20. Beautifully expressed and the photo to match! =)

  21. Unusual choice. Gave me pause.

  22. You always have such an exciting pictures and I am curious … What is this?

  23. The desert is quilt of sorts…not always beautiful, ut always awe inspiring. Lovely poem. I like the contrast of solitude and rambling.

  24. I have never seen a cross exactly like this, but the haiku beautifully matches your great photo. Rambling over. I can relate.

  25. Southwest cemeteries show incredible adaptation to challenging environments.

  26. I love the last stanza, wonderful haiku

  27. I meant line not stanza lol

  28. It does look like a quilt. A colorful one for the celebration of the life the rambler lived. Interesting that this is a cemetery; sometimes you see those crosses in the southwest marking graves on the open range. Nice elegiac feel to your haiku, MMT.

  29. It does resemble a quilt and so colorful in contrast with the starkness of the desert background. Lovely image.

  30. Beautiful haiku. Quilt of solitude” is a keeper phase!

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