Barrio del Artista

Gift of solitude—
weaving rambling shadow-shards
into playful dreams.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Barrio del Artista, Puebla, México
Written to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Sensational Haiku Wednesday
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  1. Love the colors, beautiful skies, cobblestone streets and SUN!! Great capture for the day as always! Enjoy the long weekend!


  2. I know that corner very well and have taken many pictures of the yellow building – the cafe to the right of the car is one of my favourites for chilling out – love the shot of the car just plonked in the middle of the road….

  3. The colors on the stucco clad buildings adds a festive style to this plaza. Old in age, classic in style, this is a lovely place to relax and dream…

    Although traversing the cobblestones by wheelchair does give the rider an interesting ride at best 🙂

  4. I love the way the car has just been abandoned, rather than parked!

  5. Looks almost like a photo for an advertisement–an ad for a car, of course!

  6. Whoa-check out those colors of every thing in that picture! That is one of he many things I love about Mexico. Not shy on the use of color!

  7. Lovely sandy tones on the building walls! And an enchanting sense of solitude in the angle of that lone parked car! Gorgeous haiku!

  8. Wonderful colours, great shot.

  9. Dreamy colors, that is!! Lovin’ that gold – fantastic!

  10. Hi MMT~
    Now this time the solitude is able to let you be creative!
    Anoither great photo: the vintage blue car against the yellow walls.
    I know, your haiku and photo remind me of di Chirico.

  11. Lovely composition and colours! Great shot for SSS! Love your haiku as well!

  12. I love the thought of shadow shards, especially love those muted colors of the buildings, so summery!!!

    Have a great holiday!

  13. The combination of sun, lovely subtle colours and shadows make for a great summery shot.

  14. Wonderful mix of colors. The sun helps that and also makes the shadow so sharp. Great stuff. Wish I was out that way, but will have to be September now until I return. Wonderful haiku as well my friend.


  15. julietwilson

    that building is lovely, such a strong bright colour

    Crafty green poet

  16. Great shot, Great haiku

  17. Such a pretty street and buildings.

  18. I like your shot. happy SOOC Sunday.

  19. That’s an unusual street scene with NO people around!

  20. What a colorful little town! I love the cobblestone street, too.

  21. Both the photo and the words are mysterious and wonderful, especially the shadow-shards.
    Thanks for always stopping by Fabius.

  22. Both the photo and words are mysterious and intriguing, especial the shadow-shards!

  23. Great shot. Love the composition.

  24. Solitude? But, no!
    One is never quite alone
    With a shadow friend.


  25. lovely picture. I also love your haiku poem. Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. I’m not sure how old you were when you left Chicago, but I’m pretty sure the city has changed a lot for you. It is very beautiful in the summer. Just don’t come here during the other three seasons, especially winter. Well, you probably know that already. 🙂

  26. A beautiful blend of colours. Great shadow shot!

  27. Puebla is a wonderful city to explore. You’ve captured a bit of its color and vibrancy here in this shot!

  28. You’ve been so prolific in writing and sharing your joy!

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