Ewa Sugar Plantation

entrancing archway
framing mountain, earth and sky—
one whispered moment

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Ewa Sugar Plantation Manager’s Mansion, Ewa, Oahu, Hawaii
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  1. Gorgeous!

  2. Lovely image and haiku. I love portals … so much to think on … where they lead … magical … do we step through … or not …. Happy Friday!

  3. Such a ‘visual’ haiku! I could see the photo without even seeing the photo! Love it!

  4. If you ever get a chance: please take a picture down a hill with houses or buildings on it. You can find a gazillion pictures looking up a hill, I am looking for a picture looking down. And you take such awesome pictures…..

  5. OMG! Wow! I love it. I’m entranced by doorways.

  6. I love the play of light and shadow.

  7. This is a beautiful photo, MMT, and a beautiful whispered moment expressed in your haiku.
    Hey, are you in Hawaii now? Enjoy!

  8. I think I would like to sit under that arch and sketch…beautiful whispers indeed.

  9. i love this haiku, and the arch that inspired it!

  10. “one whispered moment” beautiful haiku and photo.

  11. Another moment
    a different photograph
    under the arch frame.

  12. A clandestine meeting under the arch inspiring that whispered moment, perhaps? Love the associations your haiku creates in one’s imagination.

  13. This is so beautiful and meditative, reminds me how much I want to go on vacation visiting temples

  14. Gave me goosebumps! Brilliant – both the words and the image!

  15. Beautiful words @ haiku to go with a beautiful shot. Perfect!

  16. Enchanting indeed.

  17. Gorgeous capture! Love the arch as a frame for the sky and mountain and your words are beautiful as always! Enjoy!


  18. The lands outside the arch does beckon us in a quiet manner. The soft clouds and plains are subtle – we are invited outside into a place of soft and cool, the mount in the distance is calling us too…

  19. It is a lovely frame for the landscape. SOmeday would like to see our 50th state.

  20. I feel as if a story is just beginning when I look at this shot.

  21. So beautiful!!

    Can I invite you to join the meme I just launched? It is called Color Connection, you can just post anything with color of your choice. Hope you can join the fun. Thank you!

  22. An Archway to the world beyond. A lovely moment and haiku.

  23. Entrancing archway!!!! Boy, am I a cheap date or what? I don’t need much else today. WOW!

  24. Hello there again MMT : )
    The rounded archway is a smooth transition into this other world beyond .. lovely !

  25. Lovely…you had another archway not too long ago. Methinks you probably have a good handful of archways to do a series. I only suspect, though.

  26. I like that type of framing a lot! Great wiew with depth in

  27. WOW Beautiful!

  28. Your poem is perfect for the picture! I love the arch framing it.

  29. Oh, I do adore archways! This photo is lovely, and heightened in beauty by your wistful words…:)

  30. Enchanting… beautiful moment in time…

  31. Your photo doesn’t whisper but cheers loudly!

  32. This is such a pretty archway and the view through it is so serene. Lovely capture with this one..

  33. nice quote to go with the photo… its from a different perspective…like it

  34. This one is very nice, too! There is something enticing about doorways, gates and arches. They beckon that you pass through…

  35. Wonderful shot through the archway, lovely.

  36. A lovely image made even prettier with the haiku.

  37. lovely view and the arch frames it so beautifully

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