Ziona Hou Cemetery

Come, bright ancient ones,
scatter shadow, night and gloom
with your songs of light.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Ziona Hou Church Cemetery, Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii
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  1. What a wonderful peaceful spot!

  2. Oh, yes, a very peaceful shot indeed! Love the mountains in the distance! Beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!


  3. The dry Sonoran lands look more lively here, the soft sky enveloping the area in a feeling of cooler temps. A lovely day, indeed!

  4. Hi MMT,

    What pretty soft shadows in this week’s picture!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Kathy M.

  5. Sure looks serene. So, you go to Hawaii and visit the cemetary? Interesting. (I hope you hit the beaches too!!) Happy SSS to you!

  6. very serene…
    seems to be such a wonderful day 🙂

  7. I imagine soft breezes and warm skin.

  8. Wonderful photo and words.

  9. Lovely shot, and I particularly like your haiku. Your rhyme was great (as always) on the comments you post–you probably just sit down and “spit” those out in a few minutes–you have a true talent and gift (I’m in awe and a little jealous). Have a great weekend. Mickie 🙂

  10. The sunshine looks so appealing to me right now. I’m feeling chilly today!

  11. How lovely!
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  12. MMT : ) Hello there and thank you for the poem of shadows .. it is almost the atmosphere of Halloween which is my favorite time of the year .. your shadow shot is so full of ancient character looking beyond to the mountains .. absolutely lovely !
    Joy & her frog prince : )

  13. How peaceful and quiet that scene seems to be. And, inviting in a way…

  14. a soothing image, and the haiku is a new favorite. have a grand time.

  15. Very sweet! “Songs of light…” – love that! Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

  16. What a spectacular image of a sacred place… it reminds me of a Zen garden. Your haiku is right: this bright scene will gradually become dark and deeply contemplative, and the moon and stars will scatter light, hope, direction…

  17. Yes, yes, yes. I love when you visit twice.

  18. That is an interesting picture!

  19. Very Beautiful photo!! The scenery is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  20. A beautiful and very peaceful place… Love your haiku…

  21. Oh interesting! Happy SOOC Sunday.

  22. So nice….do I see a tiny bit of red? Loved your poem as always. Genie

  23. nice shot in the landscapes…

  24. What a beautiful location! I like the mountains in the background.

  25. Such a beautiful setting. I’ve been to Waianae,many long years ago. My friends who lived there, no lie at rest a Punchbowl. I am blessed to have many dear friends in Hawaii, several I’ve known for almost fifty years! They were stationed at my home town of Ft Benning/Columbus, Georgia and were often guests at my home!

  26. Such a peaceful shot.

  27. What a perfect spot for meditation and a lovely haiku

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