Papaoneone Beach

sea and sun and sand—
sometimes messengers of grace,
sweetening the soul

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Papaoneone Beach, Waianae, Oahu, Hawaii
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  1. very calming, and the photo is perfect, have a great Haiku Wednesday!

  2. Beautiful. I found your blog through Jenn’s link up.

  3. teenagersmom


  4. Nothing beats Hawaii! Such a paradise. I’m glad you’re sharing so many great shots with us…wouldn’t mind being there right now myself! Love your poetry…

  5. Oh, different look now! I like 🙂

    Nice haiku – hope you’re having a great time in the Islands!

  6. A beautiful sight that makes you want to take a vacation.

  7. A haiku true to its roots in season and nature. Love it.

  8. This is wonderful. I had difficulty with the prompt and getting away from the literal to the poetic. You had no trouble at all.

  9. Super Haiku. I could feel the sand sticking to my wet toes and the sun on my face.

  10. Beautiful shot and nice haiku. You are capturing Hawaii well 🙂

  11. the palm trees are a nice touch, too!

  12. This is the kind of beautiful scene we are often transported to in our daydreams. Your words eloquently describe the serenity we imagine can be found there. 🙂

  13. Stunning photo!I wish I could be there!

  14. The perfect words for such beauty.

    My Sky.

  15. What a beautiful scene.

  16. sweet serenity…aaaaah.

  17. O such a romantic view of sand, sea and sky! And such a softly beautiful haiku! Calming for the spirit!

  18. This looks like the place to be today. We drove all day to get to Maryland for my grandson graduation and it was over 100 degrees outside…unbelievable. The AC in the car simply could not keep up with the heat outside. This beach scene is idyllic and absolutely beautiful. I know you were thrilled with what you were seeing and with how your picture turned out. It is wonderful.

  19. Very nicely done!! Scene and imagery is refreshing!! Ahhh ~

  20. where is it? This looks like a Brazilian beach,…
    thanks for sharing

  21. Love this picture! 😀

  22. Beautiful picture!

  23. So true, so true…

    Thank you!

  24. I would love to join those people walking on the beach in the sunset!!

  25. Very beautiful!

  26. what a perfect haiku to match this lovely photo!

  27. I enjoyed reading this, beautiful and calm

  28. BEAUTIFUL picture and text 🙂

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