You Make Up Your Mind

Diamond Head

You make up your mind
and you keep your feet moving—
the summit’s ahead.

Inspiring stories
from other bold travelers
feed you on the way.

Not missing a step,
you endure the privations
of sun, wind and thirst—

And then the summit—
a strange and enchanting place—

You’ve climbed the mountain,
seen inspiring views, but now
it’s time to descend.

Keeping a firm grip,
thread your way down the trail—you’d
prefer not to fall.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Diamond Head Summit Trail, Honolulu, Hawaii
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  1. It’s done. . . it’s linked. And after waking up with allergies and puffy eyes, just thinking about that trail makes me exhausted and breathless.

  2. Love your photos and your poem for this week! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. See? All is right with the world now!

    Nicely done!! Glad you enjoyed your trip to Thom’s island 😉

  4. Lovely words, just like life.

  5. I bet it was a long, long way up!

  6. Oh my word, does that bring back memories of my own hike years ago. 🙂
    I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to do those steps today.
    Great perspective!

  7. Beautiful capture. Happy sky watching!

    Liz @ A Simple Life

  8. Terrific capture and wonderful words! That does look like a LONG way up!!! Enjoy your weekend!


  9. it looks a long journey back down, but the view is entirely different – so keep your eyes forward!

  10. Steep steps hiking down
    use your stick and mind your step
    the end is in sight.

    OK…I did it…,my first attempt. Looking at this shot made me think of my hiking stitch and keeping my eyes of the ground in front of me. I am usually not so lucky as to have steps. This looks like a gorgeous hike. Wish Bug and I were there to take it. genie

  11. oops…i used “step two times…not good…sorry about that…genie

  12. Fantastic place to travel.

  13. Beautiful words to go with the beautiful picture….

  14. ahhh…it’s a beautiful view up there! I have done it and would do it again in a heart-beat! lovely poem to match the awesome trail that leads to the awesome view!

  15. What a great hike. Like the poem as well.

  16. Well done you! What a great view.

  17. I think my daughter hiked up there to watch a sunrise when she was in Hawaii a couple of years ago. She kept talking about it for days!!!! What fun you must be having!! Lovely poem to go with the picture. Glad you are still taking time to share with your following of ” poor deprived bloggers” that got left behind. Have a wonderful weekend. Mickie 🙂

  18. infused with wisdom and beauty!

  19. Determination and perseverance will get one to the top–or the hospital. Great poem.

  20. I looked at this photo and said to myself “this looks familiar – is that the Diamond Head trail?” Now I’ve gone and looked at all the photos from my two trips to Hawaii, thanks for the memories. And that’s a nice photo!

  21. truly magical the way you describe this.

  22. Nicely captured adventure … 🙂

    Running late, I missed the deadline linky but here is mine nonetheless:

  23. Wow! That does look like a long hike!

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