When the elders come,
they braid both light and darkness
into paths of joy.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: La Capilla de la Virgen del Patrocinio, Zacatecas, México
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  1. A wonderful thought, one to remember as we walk the paths.

    Shalom from Dina

  2. stone, color…aah shadows. awesome shot.

  3. Gorgeous capture and beautiful words and a perfect way to start my day!! Love the colors! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  4. We notice the darkness all too often. We seem mired in it. So here, the arched pools of light seem far greater than any shade and dark. A little bit of light goes so far in chasing any gloom out…beautiful architecture, too. Happy July 4!

  5. Neat ShadowShot. Those arches remind me of The Cloisters (museum) in Manhattan. I used to go there as a child. Have a great weekend.

  6. For a moment I thought you had visited Kelso Abbey in the Scottish Borders, as I have a similar photo from there!!!!!

  7. what a lovely place!
    I really like stonework and this is beautiful

  8. that’s amazing. very nice photo too. have a fun weekend MMT.

  9. That is a beautiful use of words. The arches look like knotted braids as well. You’ve done it again, melted the entire image and letters into one piece. Great job.


  10. this haiku is a deep honoring of revering the elders, we can learn so much from a culture of arches and elder love.
    love this so much.

  11. A wonderful use of the word “braid”! Spiritually enchanting! And love the arching shadows in your photo! Like a fringe of yin and yang!

    Also, just letting you know re my SSS post on seagulls, I too love them! I just feel we humans, in our urge to feed them, really feed our own needs! As a result we have created the monster persona in them!

  12. Beautiful capture! I moved to a new domain, and HERE is my entry. Hope you can visit and follow me too, thank you!

  13. Love this positive energy, MMT! And the concept that light and shadow together can be braided into paths of joy~

  14. You are so darned gifted with your photos and haikus. It seems to come magically to you which is no surprise given your name. Yes, I am about to gather with Mollie for a walk down to Sapphire Street in Redondo Beach.

  15. Lovely peaceful picture — the beautiful parts of Mexico are incredibly beautiful.

  16. Lovely-just lovely all the way around! I love those arches. They add rhythm and movement to the tile floor.

  17. What a wonderful crisp photo. Love the haiku, too.

  18. Good photography.
    Nice play with light and shadows.

  19. Awesome! I love taking this kind of structure. See a lot of patterns too.


  20. Always great shots & never ending beautiful prose that really hit me.

    Happy SSS and have a blessed Sunday.


  21. Beautiful capture of light and shadow in this serene and quiet cloister. I love the arches. Perfect haiku for the image.

  22. I love the arched shadows. Looks like a cool, quiet location. Very peaceful!

  23. Wonderful poem, and I absolutely love the picture! The design of the arches within the shadow is great.

  24. Beautiful photo, beautiful poem.

  25. the shadows have such clarity… very beautiful

  26. Very nice shadows.

  27. Stunning image… adore the contrast between light and dark in the shadows.

  28. Mika(Photoadik)

    Picture perfect! Love the style where it captures the ray of light.

  29. Teach me! This is perfection! If form follows function–then you hit the arch on the head with the words of nails!!


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