Even with your flaws,
darkness cratering the light,
through you runs a path.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Callejon Mono Prieto, Zacatecas, México
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  1. What a beauty!
    That would be perfect art on the wall…

    ps. I did get your comment on my blog.
    I’d like to know what happened that you think it didn’t show up because I’ve complained about that issue but they didn’t find anything. Pls send me an email if you have time, thanks!

  2. Wow.. both the prompts in one.. beautifully done..

  3. Excellent words of compliments to someone.Beautiful.

  4. Wonderful deep shadows in this narrow street!

  5. Oh wow….very, VERY dramatic!!

    Holiday Weekend Shadows is my link. Do stop by if you have some time today. I’d love to have you visit with me. Hope your day is treating you well!!!!

  6. and we can never know where it will lead us…..beautiful photo.

  7. That’s an awesome photo. Sort of a change of pace from the church steeples and colorful Mexican plazas. Eerie, haunting, wreaks of espionage! The words are heavy duty and meaningful. Some of your best with this one.

  8. Dark alley creepy night light




  11. Very good photography.


  12. Oooo, now this one is mysterious! I’m always impressed with shadows taken in low light. Very nice!

  13. i want my husband to say this to me…in the dark covers of our bed, when no one else is home.

  14. “the light through you runs a path!”

    Nice imagery!

  15. Wonderful photo… love the light and shadows…

  16. I particularly like the last line.

  17. Hi MMT 🙂 ~~ I’m like your poem’s subject, I really don’t like to be easily read. Yet when people see my light and get to know me they read my like a book.

    Thank you for you nice usage of the prompt. I enjoyed reading this and finding meaning in your verse. Whether I matched your poet’s ideas remains for you to know.
    BTW, Mrs. Jim doens’t read my poems. One daughter does and I’ll catch the Dickens about it. I did make a change and offered the original 1st person version and also one changed into 3rd person.

    I am asking reader choice but soooooo many visited while I was gone this afternoon who probably won’t come back to vote or critique. Only three left a comment although twelve visited.

    Even with your flaws,
    darkness cratering the light,
    through you runs a path

  18. It is a stunning image. I like the haiku. It is interesting and provocative. I like the light and shadow as well.

  19. What a great picture! Love the night shot.

  20. I love the yellow light. Lovely night shot.

    Have a fabulous week!

    Liz @ MLC

  21. Mika(Photoadik)

    Awesome photo! love this!

  22. Great light and contrast as well as composition. Thanks for sharing! Here is my entry.

  23. Such a fascinating picture! The contrasts are wonderful.

  24. I will be scared to walk alone here.

  25. Fantastic picture, covering a lot of memes. I love the shadows and the dramatic lighting!

    My Mellow Yellow Post is in celebration of the 4th of July and is a poem of mine!

  26. Wow, love this image.

  27. Lovely pic and a haiku.. Beautiful 🙂

  28. I love it! Stopping by from MYM, it’s been awhile!

  29. Very lovely sentiment in this.

  30. I love your choice of words. Nice photo too!

  31. This is lovely. Your middle line is a cracker. 🙂

  32. Oh I love this amazing!

  33. This was beautiful- way to see a positive spin on someone!

  34. This is very thoughtful. I enjoyed it!

  35. Now thats what I call multitasking 😀 Nice beautiful haiku, MMT.

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