A little more time—
the cobblestones will crumble
and fresh woods will sprout.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: View of the Cathedral from Plaza Santo Domingo, Zacatecas, México
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  1. Nice! i love the way it reads! Believable and magic at the same time!

  2. Nice capture of the city and sky!

  3. So beautiful out there. Love walking on cobblestones.

  4. Ah, wonderful, grumpy clouds — looks as though they’re announcing some stormy weather! Terrific capture, perfect words! Have a great weekend!


  5. hah! well you’re right about that. love the drama in that sky.

  6. Sometimes I wonder if eons from now there will be anthropologists trying to understand our civilization. What if it all is reclaimed by nature? What’s that expression? Nothing permanent except change?
    I love the play of light and shadow in this image~ Curious as to how this thought occurred to you?
    Eerie, provocative post, MMT~

  7. The buildings will fall
    Archeologists will call
    More ruins for all.

    (OK so I can’t count syllables)

  8. Such a foreboding sky! Beautiful with its dark, mysterious clouds. I love the stone street and the beautiful tower in the background. Have a great weekend. Mickie 🙂

  9. What a gorgeous sky! Love those brooding clouds! Great setting as well!

  10. Did you spot any tiny tendrils reaching out from the cobblestones – a promise of a rebelling woods.


  12. Yes, too true. The woods will take over eventually.

  13. Delightful – the European influence is strong. For a moment I thought this was taken in Ireland, but the tower in the distance clued me otherwise. Regardless, we have lovely skies above.

  14. The light in this photo is breathtaking and the poem is thought provoking. You do it all!

    Happy Sky Watch Friday!

  15. Looks rather scary !

  16. Both your words and the sky foretell doom! I like how the two blend together so well!

  17. I love this. It reminded me of my times living in Europe and seeing the cobblestones with moss, etc sticking out from the spaces in the ground.

  18. Love the photograph and the haiku pairs up with it beautifully! The hope for new growth in the haiku is wonderful, so great! I especially like how you integrated the prompt from Sunday Scribblings! Makes me smile! :^)

  19. exactly! Mother Nature (the woods) are relentless.

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