A wearisome task—
reading words without passion
instead of Rumi.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Zacatecas, México
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  1. would it be more accepted if it were rumi? perhaps. we need more rumi graffiti.

  2. These graffiti ‘artists’ leave an almost incomprehensible message. Sloppy and devoid of both message or soul. The shadow does overpower the writings, and may be the art this wall was seeking…

  3. The wall graffiti reminds me of the Berlin Wall. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Actually…I work in a barrio and see a lot of passion here.
    Not Rumi of course…
    but much graffiti is from the heart.

  5. You can read them? Actually, in Tacoma, there is a project where certain “street artists” are tapped and schooled in artistic techniques, then allowed to make murals in certain designated places. I’ve shown some of their amazing art on my blogs from time to time.

  6. I like the shadow. and the words of course.

  7. to clarify – YOUR words.

  8. I don’t understand the lettering, usually, although I try. But your shadows emphasize some and not others. I would like to see a mural…

  9. I wonder if some see beauty there… The red initals with the circles look pretty, but then someone in purple expunged it? No respect among graffiti artists? It does represent a subculture, I think. I’m sure they’re not thinkin’ Rumi!

  10. Fools names, like fools faces…

    Graffiti upsets me, as it shows a total disregard for others property. Our little town & county was vandalized with graffiti a few weeks ago just after high school gradutaion. Class of 2011 painted all over, and street signs painted over among other damage. Over 200 places were vandalized in an area that has over 13% unemployment. We’re all fighting to just get by, and these brats cause more debt. Wearisome indeed.

  11. I agree with Ralph that so much graffiti art lacks soul and the shadows in your photo seem to fill that space! Challenging thoughts!

  12. Ha! I prefer Rumi too. 🙂

  13. Graffiti art is a culture in itself. I think that many of us are not privy to that culture and the passion and deep feeling that lie therein. Would that we were wiser. I am very fond of Banksy’s art and it is considered graffiti and is posted boldly in public places, including the wall that separates Israel and Palestine. I think that graffiti is very much a political statement as well, a statement of disenfranchisement.

  14. Magical and Mystical!!!


  15. I always wonder what the graffiti artists are thinking. I guess I don’t really understand that subculture…I’ve led a sheltered life.

    Interesting that you stopped to photograph it.

  16. Every generation wants to be seen and heard…

  17. I usually see passion in graffiti. Lots of energy involved.

  18. I do like street art, I must confess. A lot of it is good. Some of it lacks experience just like anything/anyone else. I’ve been instrumental in my community in having a street artist do the dumpster enclosure at our local public library, the wall in a pre-school room, and when we had a warehouse space, both walls in either side were top to bottom spray art.
    I like the contrast of the shadows and the colorful patterns of the street art.

  19. i think its vandalism? i dont like graffiti at all. 😦

    here for SSS!


    hope you can visit back, thanks!

  20. There are many talented graffiti artists (Banksy being my fave!) but much of what we see scrawled on public walls isn’t very pleasing to look at unfortunately. I like your photo though!

  21. I’m with you there!

  22. i can’t read those words on the wall, but the shadow shot is great. Happy SS.

  23. Around our city, graffiti is NOT artful but gang related.

    My Sunday Link: Shadow of Old Glory

    Hope your weekend is treating you well!!

  24. Small tokens of someones existence, though minute and annoying, they are fingerprints in time…cave paintings!

    Have a wonderful summery Sunday!

  25. I think there’s art in every form of expression and for these (I assume) kids, this is their canvas

  26. loved the graffiti shot 😀
    and a lovely haiku 🙂

  27. A great shadow shot, and I could appreciate your words. Surprisingly, we see relatively little graffiti here in B.C., though of course it’s found in the inner city. I worry that this is the only art form young people identify with, as Eminem is their only poet…

  28. An added note! My husband just said to ask those in favor of graffiti, “How would you like your fence or wall of your home graffitied?

    I was a fan of Keith Haring, but he didn’t just “tag” the subways of NYC.

  29. Real shadows AND shadows in the graffiti! I like it!

  30. The expression of art; open to interpretation~ Interesting take!

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