Gliding over cloister stones
phantom monks in cloth of grey
string small prayers together
breath by breath by breath.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Santuario de la Virgen del Patrocinio, Zacatecas, México
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  1. Nothing more beautiful than arches and stone, especially with good poetry and a few phantom monks thrown in.

  2. Hi MMT! I’ve been scrolling down and seeing all of these beautiful pictures of Mexico. Stunning! I kept thinking that it must be so hot, with all that stone and no grass though. I really enjoyed all of your haiku’s too; as always they fit the photos perfectly.

    Hope your week is wonderful,

    Kathy M

  3. Another beautiful capture! Wonderful shadow and shadowy words to match!


  4. The path is well paved, so that said monks could walk in prayer and keep their balance. I can feet the silence of the monks as they moved about the terrace…

  5. Very nice cadre.
    I like your poetry.


  6. always breath by breath…

  7. Fabulous photo and haiku. Oh, to be as talented.

  8. I love,love,love arches and stone. I would so love to be able to take photos of such a gorgeous place.

  9. Stunning patterns in that stone work! Love the dazzle of light creating interesting shadows!

  10. serene and nostalgic, fitting for a poem.

  11. Now I have to thank you for introducing me to both Haiku Heights and Haiku My Heart. Thanks so much, although when will we get to see a haiku from you??? Your poetry is amazing, but I’d love to see traditional haikus.

  12. Fantastic shadow shots.

  13. Peace, perfect peace.

  14. So vivid. I can see and hear them. I would be trying to stay cool under those archways.


  15. This was nice and clean I liked it a lot

  16. More shadows here and a great poetic pairing.

  17. Ahhhh, now this is a peaceful setting.

  18. Hi MMT! I learned a new form. I think I like the Dodoitsu (7,7,7,5 syllable) form.
    Of course leave it to me for Haiku/Senryū [I know, Teach, no caps on these :)].
    I like your thoughts of the Phantom Monks. I can just see them!
    BTW (Teach again), per your comment I changed my middle line for a little bit better:
    comes at midnight regular
    Of course I wrote it with OSI members in mind but a little selfish as well. For me
    it was in the accompanying photo being an empty Salvation Army Dining room.

  19. What a beautiful capture, those archways and stone work are truly remarkable. Happy week to you.

  20. Absolutely lovely!

  21. One of my favorites from your pen, MMT!

    Btw, something wrong with ur template I think. Maybe just for me, but the sidebar seems to come below your posts instead of at the saide?

  22. Wonderful image and complementing words!

  23. Great picture and equally lovely words to go with it…

  24. Wow, gorgeous!! (words and photo!)


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