Stringy old rooster,
you’ve shattered my sleep again—
the stewpot for you!

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: “Él güero cantando el sol,” Zacatecas, México
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  1. He does look rather cocky!

  2. you mean you don’t like the natural alarm clock?!!

  3. LOL oh, poor old rooster. it wasn’t his fault you didn’t wear ear plugs.:p

  4. Oh, no, I was just doin’ my job!

  5. As ever.. so very beautifully done..

  6. Hehehe! Poor rooster won’t see it coming, MMT!

    Thank you for the support to Haiku Heights through the first year 🙂 Looking forward to enjoying more of your haikus next year too!

    My Haiku ~ Break Free

  7. awww…. poor old rooster… but nice wall art… was here for MM… 🙂

  8. Lol…he looks like a fighting rooster. Anyway, was here for MYM

  9. Awwww I hope he doesn’t go in the pot! he’s just doing what his job is. To wake the whole neighbourhood and drive everyone nuts! LOL

  10. I missed my one and only rooster. These is beautiful!

    Ruby Tuesday

  11. OOOOOOO vicious! Poor little guy! He was just doing what comes naturally! And he looks quite handsome!

  12. Great haiku, made me laugh out loudly.
    The rooster of my childhood also ended in a stew-pot, because he’d pick on my lil’ brother while he was fetching eggs. That actually happened at my grandmother’s farm two summers in a row.
    Like the painting, placed asymmetric in the frame.
    Thanks for the red and yelllow poem.

  13. poor mighty rooster^_^

    good thing i had to wake up every morning hearing those “chickens” in our yard…farm life it is here:)

  14. your haiku always makes me smile! what a great mr. rooster you have! love it!

  15. Except if soup is the result, who will be the true king of the chicken yard??

  16. If a rooster crows,
    And a crow roosts, which one makes
    A stringier stew?


  17. So clever and creative. I enjoyed your haiku.

  18. This reminds me of my boyfriend not used to having them around. He woke up because of the rooster and I made an excuse that, that’s what they do during the morning…but after like a few hours the rooster was getting louder and he was like… “You said they do that when the sun is just about to rise. it’s already 9am–make it stop!” hehehe I wish!

    visiting from RT

  19. that’s a great painting

  20. Great shot. My neighbor has a rooster that wakes me up too early. 😦

    My entries:
    Moms…Check Nyo

  21. Hahaha! Loved it 🙂 Also enjoyed your response JazzBumpa. Here’s mine:
    The old stewpot, eh?
    I’m no common chicken! Proof:

  22. This image reminds me so much of home!

  23. Thanks for your visit and poem 🙂 LG Tina

  24. I think the rooster has heard the threat before.

  25. lol this is really awesome

  26. I love the old rooster.. I have to many of them here on my place.. and I would eat them but neither of us wants to kill them.. we are so used to the crowing that many times we don’t even hear them… Love the Haiku! thanks for stopping by my world.. I hope you have a great day!

  27. Love the image and the haiku. Happy RT!

    Mine’s here.

  28. Haha. Poor rooster. Thanks for visiting my RT.

  29. Adding my veggies to the pot of stew…
    enough then, for me….

  30. I used to have a neighbor who owned a rooster in the middle of town. I was glad when they moved.

  31. A hen is better for cooking than a rooster. Just let him be and strut his stuff.

  32. I can relate to this one, never get two roosters at the same time, they usually compete with each other.

  33. We have many roster on my place, my dad is breeding for cock fighting lol, they really wake up with their noise early morning.

    Nice entry, it’s a beautiful wall frame.

  34. Cute little Haiku and handsome looking rooster. So bittersweet to see his ending. Have a lovely and peaceful Rednesday.

  35. What a sweet Haiku and a handsome rooster. So bittersweet to hear of his sad demise. Thanks for an intriguing visit.

  36. That’s a nice postcard ! I can almost hear him at 4 am !

  37. Great Pic! Great Red & Yellow lullaby!
    They can get on your nerves. lol

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