From phantom kitchens
voluptuous scents erupt
over the city.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: A callejon (alley) in Zacatecas, México
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  1. Ah the aroma
    chile and spices wafting

  2. I love the picture but I have a request. You took the picture (as do most people) looking up the hill. I want a picture looking down the hill, where you see rooftops. I can’t get it here – too many trees – but have asked friends in San Francisco and elsewhere.

    I want to paint it but I have to see the perspective. (Saw a painting on TV once and I am just not good enough without a picture to look at).

  3. my stomach is growling!

  4. I want to see inside of all those kitchens! 🙂

  5. I think I can smell burritos…or maybe chili cooking. 🙂

  6. That´s lovely and it would be interesting to see inside of the kitchens!

  7. I can smell burritos too… and tacos!

    Happy sky watching.

    Liz @ A Simple Life

  8. I smell something yummy, great capture and composition.

  9. Love to smell other peoples cooking! Sometimes I wish they would invite me over, though, to help eat their cooking.

  10. cannot get enough of this mexican locale you are showing.

  11. Somehow the scent of cooking bacon enveloped the building where my Sacred Space group meets every WEdnesday morning…we never did find out where it had come from…phantom kitchens, no doubt!

  12. I love the colourful buildings. They make the sky “pop”.

  13. Hmmmm I can smell the food! My favorite! Beautiful skies, colorful buildings, perfect words and a terrific capture for the day! Happy SWF! Hope you have a great weekend!


  14. I so enjoy the smells in the cities of Mexico! Makes me want to go roast some vegtables…I love it!

  15. How wonderful that we have tastebuds…..and the sense of smell!!!

    A great composition too, with many colors.

  16. Great haiku–from the comments, I think you have aroused people’s sense of smell and taste. I think there will be lots of Mexican food being cooked tonight!!!! I LOVE your poem for Skywatch too–they just get better and better. Have a great weekend. Mickie 🙂

  17. well that is delicious.

  18. Well as long as it’s heavenly scent I don’t mind ^_^


  19. ehhhl!! Whats cooking doc? Thnx for visiting my nook and leaving your lovely poem as usual

    Pheno Menon

  20. nice shot . I love the buildings also

  21. Can’t somebody invent a screen with smell ?

  22. Thanks for your poem! If you like join us on *PicStory*. This week you can post what you like! LG Tina

  23. This shot oh so reminds me of my trips to Europe. I love it. I wonder what aromas you were enjoying as you were shooting. Genie

  24. So true — and much better scent options than visiting somewhere during a trash strike.

  25. Oh, I love that one.

  26. The aroma is tempting me from here!

  27. Nice cadre with colorful buildings.
    Very good photo..


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