Captivate my heart,
scent of holiness in stones,
soaring to the clouds.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Ex Convento de San Augustín, Zacatecas, México
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  1. That is some stone and brick work. It does reach right to the sky in this photo. A very fine picture indeed by the way. Captivate is a good word of description. That one word would have done it justice, the rest is icing and makes it even better.
    When do we travel to Mexico? I’m gonna buy a new camera for that trip!


  2. Beautiful .. the stonework and the sky. The beauty does make me hold my breath for a moment … captivated.

  3. Truly captivating! The stonework and the haiku! Nice job!

  4. That is one beautiful image 🙂 It does captivate your readers, MMT.. A lovely haiku.

  5. Now as soon as I saw the photo, it reminded me of the architecture all over Spain. Memories of visits to the Alhambra in particular, came flooding back! The haiku goes beautifully with the building!

  6. I love the angle you captured this at.

  7. Wow, great angle – love that! “Scent of holiness” is really interesting, too – Nice!

  8. Beautiful work, Teacher. It reminds me of my voyage to Italy last year. The “scent of holliness in stones”… that’s the perfect description for what we saw everywhere. I would never have thought to describe it that way, but that is it. I am to go to the Holy Land next year, and I think that when I do I shall have a different view of the ancient stone buildings. Thank you for opening my eyes a little more with your poetry.

  9. ‘waterfalls’ of brick
    cascading from steep stone walls
    breathtaking beauty

  10. The photo is indeed captivating. I was in Zacatecas a long, long time ago when a huge church of about that colour was being renovated. I’m thinking it might be the same one. Unfortunately I was not a photographer back then so I am relying totally on memory.

  11. such beauty my friend. just takes my breath away.

  12. Beautiful shot and word imagery!

  13. Beautiful arches and stone work. It is lovely. Very inspiring!

  14. great shot!! Love the perspective.

  15. Beautiful capture. I love it.

  16. you made me look upward with this post… and that is always a good thing…

  17. That’s it! Now you have articulated what always happens to me in Jerusalem.

  18. yes, there is a capturing of heavenly clouds and sky….. yr ‘ku speaks volumes..

  19. Nice photography.


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