Needing to explore,
Cabrillo went the distance
and found a new world.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Monument to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, Cabrillo National Monument, San Diego
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  1. I’ve never been to San Diego, but it’s one of my husband’s favorite places. I’m glad you show me these things with your photographs and poetry.

  2. Needs to explore leads to places!

  3. Great photo of the monument.

  4. I went the distance and found a new world here, glad I did!

    Have a lovely week,

    Sue x

  5. A great senryu, but I’m almost more impressed with all the different prompts you covered with it.

  6. Now explorers search for inner worlds. . .

  7. When I first saw this statue, I thought it was in San Pedro. We have a Cabrillo Park on the cliffs, a stretch of ocean called Cabrillo Beach, and the Cabrillo Marine Museum. And then I saw it is in San Diego. Do you know where this statue is located? I’ll look it up next time I’m there.

  8. A beautiful, sunny moment and clearly many are enjoying it!

  9. WoW! Look at that blue sky!
    I too agree with Mike…very creative for all the prompts. 😉

    Well done!

  10. I was not familiar with Cabrillo. What an awesome statue. Nice haiku

  11. Exploring sure finds new. Wonderful picture too.

  12. Wonderful statute. Looks great against that gorgeous blue sky!

  13. This is beautiful.. MMT.. you always weave magic..

  14. Another grand accomplishment … meeting so many prompts with such few words and image … impressive!!

  15. The statue seems bemused, as he has seen the new land before – the viewers are perhaps in awe of what has already been seen. Why look at it again?

  16. You exploring certainly paid off. That is an awesome shot.

  17. Great inspirational haiku on a,- to me, new and exotic place.

  18. That looks pretty shot in there. Happy WW!

  19. It’s silly, I know, but it is a faux-pas to photograph someone with a projection behind them which appears to come out of the head…yet here is a statue in the same predicament!

  20. Wow! Great capture against the bright blue sky.

  21. I like how he is still looking.

  22. Great shot! Love the blue sky too.

  23. This is cool….just last week, I posted a similar photo and blog entry on the very same!!!

    I always enjoy you visiting with me…thanks for stopping by yesterday.

    My Thursday Post Link: Nor-r-r-r-m!!!

  24. That’s quite the monument! We don’t have anything like that around here. 🙂

  25. What a magical blue – perfect for the blue week on *PicStory* 🙂

  26. Wow very cool…its so stark and white

  27. Great picture and I love how the poem goes with it too!

  28. Surely a lovely and historical place

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