What need has the grass
of anything I offer?
We seek the same rain.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Museo Rafael Coronel, Zacatecas, México
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  1. I just hope the grass can hear your poems.

  2. Great…a perfect little haiku.

  3. Love the haiku! I’ll send you ánd the grass some of our rain… send me some of your sun in return, please! Whatever the weather will be: enjoy the weekend!

  4. Beautiful image and haiku.

  5. Love it – straight to the point! Beautiful photo too!

  6. Wonderful! The green is soooooo green! 😀 😀 If you find the rain, please send some here!

  7. This is true! Great haiku and quite relevant this time of year!

  8. Terrific capture for the day! Love your composition and the perfect words as always! Wonderful skies and that is GREEN grass and a very interesting building! Happy SWF! Hope you have a great weekend!


  9. a beautiful place! i wonder how it looks inside. happy skywatching!

  10. So perfect in its trusting simplicity.

  11. Nice, and so appropriate for the mid-west right now. We are dry.

  12. I like this very much. Nice one!

  13. I hope you each get what you seek. lovely.

  14. That grass is a beautiful green, and I like the setting inside the courtyard. I hope both you and the grass got the rain.

  15. today you are an oasis of peace.

  16. Great thought-provoking haiku! And I love the poem you left in my comments! Thanks.

  17. I like the haiku. Very reflective. And the building is nice too. What building is it?

  18. You always have such beautiful pictures. I love the simple complexity of this.

  19. love this picture. The different colors and textures. Both the grass and the building look so important.

  20. A beautiful lawn serves to soften the lines and curves of this magnificent piece of architecture. Terrific photo!

  21. stunning haiku. coming from a dry, cracked, parched Texas draught

  22. made me wonder if the grass might ask a similar question. made me wonder if we are enough alike that we don’t realize how much we mean to one another. thank you

  23. Oh,what a lovely view your words embark~

  24. Well, you’ve posed a pretty interesting question, MMT~ I can’t think of anything we truly offer the grass (maybe planting, weeding, watering), but it offers us coolness, spiritual well-being, chlorophyll, holder of soil and rain… However, there is something larger: the higher power who supplies the rain and makes this mutual connection possible. I have a feeling that you are a brilliant prof, MMT~

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