Savory suppertime dreams—
onions, cabbage, bananas,
ginger, sweet yams and garlic
steamed to perfection.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Chinatown, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii
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  1. everybody is busy.

  2. For some unknown reason, I find myself salivating right now.

    Emerald City and Red Poppy Field

    Hope your Tuesday treats you well.

  3. This green bananas I would like to see on PicStory* this week. So if you like…. 🙂 You are warmly invited to join us! LG Tina

  4. Gosh, an interesting market!!

  5. Nice to go there among green vegetables!

  6. Great photo ~ love the red bag~ ^_^
    namaste, Carol ^_^ from (Share the Creative Journey) Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  7. Great green vegetables!


  8. Nice to see fresh fruit and vegetable…

  9. Rubies here, rubies there..

    Rubies, rubies everywhere. (Best I can do at the moment, MMT)

    I love that red bag too. Can I order some fish or meat to go with that meal? haha

    Happy Ruby Tuesday!

  10. Ah, the fresh produce is captivating, looking over the stand as dinner or desert is contemplated. Ginger, garlic and bananas may make for a fine meal – but not prepard in the sam pot!

  11. You know my expression….yummy, yummy, yummy, in my tummy, tummy, tummy. I wish we had fresh markets like this where we live. I would go crazy if I were there. Great post. Genie

  12. I am glad to see there is plenty of fruit and veggies for your market. Our markets are hurting due to the intense heat killing the crops.

  13. Markets are such fresh and colourful places! I delight in reading the rhymes you leave at people’s blogs we both visit, and this week at mine! Thanks!

  14. Somehow everything always looks better in an outdoor market than at the grocery store. I absolutely love your poem on RED–outstanding!!!!! Three of the hibiscus are in my yard-one at the Botanical Gardens. Thank goodness those hardy hibiscus keep right on blooming when most of the other plants have given up for the summer. It is just too darn hot here! Have a nice week. Mickie 🙂

  15. Great pic ! Lots of Bananas, But the red bag does draw your eye eventually .

  16. what a nice market this is in the picture…i wonder where it’s at

  17. what a nice marketplace this is in the picture..i wonder where it’s at.

    visiting here from BM. the first comment was a mistake.

  18. Love all those yummy summer time veggies and fruit. Boy, does that red pop!

  19. Forgot to tell you, I love the poem that you left for me on my blog!

  20. Happy Rednesday – your way with words lights up my day.

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