As shadows whisper,
pilgrim, ascend in silence
to the holy place.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Side door of Ex Convento de San Augustín, Zacatecas, México
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  1. pausing for a moment of silence…taking this in. stunning.

  2. Stunning it is, thank you!


  3. The portal is narrow, yet the way in wide. Given the size of the door versus the steps, it seems that our entry is assured only after we ascend to the peak – maybe akin to scaling Everest (maybe the door on top is a metaphor for something 🙂

  4. Your eye is drawn up the steps to the door …. excellent shadow shot.

  5. A church? A home? What an inviting doorway. Lovely shot!

  6. Beautiful…photo and the accompanying haiku.

  7. I love the textures and neutral tones in this shot and of course the beautiful shadows. Happy SSS!

  8. Simple and effective, the haiku a perfect match.

  9. This shot exemplifies silence.

  10. there is something about the doors of a church that seem so mystical

  11. Wonderful door, thanks for stopping by I love your magical words, they always make me smile.

  12. Fantastic shadow shot, love the door.

  13. Elegant and lovely in its clean lines. A door is very evocative for…expectations, suspense, intrigue! Great shot!

  14. I love the way the shadows/light work to draw you straight to the doorway. Great poem.

  15. I really like the shadows in this picture.

  16. great photos and haiku… 🙂

  17. There is something ethereal and sacred about the way the shadow falls on the steps. Thank you for sharing such beautiful work with us.

  18. ascend in silence to holy place..

    nice lines…

  19. William H. Brewer

    Lovely! Simple yet so evocative.

  20. Beautiful shadows, indeed.

  21. Yet another (gasp) breathtaking shot with befitting words to accompany it.
    Such a gift in its simplicity, yet simply amazing.

  22. Well done. I like the symmetery and the lines of the stairs. Thanks for sharing! Here is my entry.

  23. The shape of the shadows on the steps imbues profoundness to the simple door of this holy place. Well seen.

  24. Thank you for dropping by. I love what you have written :). It’s makes me think of mystical creatures in the woods.

  25. Excellent composition.


    P. S. Thank you very much for the beautiful poem on my last post.

  26. Great shot, Teacher. If you isolate that doorway, it looks like Dr. Who’s TARDIS. Love the photo, love the wrods. As usual, all kinds of thoughts about the meaning and what’s behind that door! Hope all is good with you. Try to keep some time open in mid September.


  27. Gateway to silence. Wonderful composition.

  28. A refined, reverent whisper, calling the pilgrim to prayer. Beautiful haiku, MMT.

  29. Simple, but strong. Love the words.

  30. The shadows actually enhance the invitation the doorway offers…I feel calm and serene looking at this photograph.
    Gems xx

  31. I swear, I must confess my opinion on this…’ve outdone yourself on both photo AND haiku. Excellent plus!!!

    Hidden Shadows

  32. Thought provoking, great compositon.

  33. This is such a simple photograph, yet the composition makes it extraordiary! I love it!

  34. Can feel the silence in both your words and in the picture!! Great combination, the Haiku doing wonders!!

  35. how wonderful to find the entrance to peace and praise… a secret sanctuary for those searching… so simple so serene…

  36. this has a wonderful air of mystery to it, just lovely!

  37. Such a feeling of tranquility here. I guess if it’s a convent it would be peaceful and quiet.
    Reminds me of a sunny Sunday morning.

  38. Beautiful photo and words.

  39. Awesome photo–really stark and yet inviting 🙂

  40. A great read.
    Idea of shadows whispering fits in so well with the photo.

  41. Fabulous. Simply, elegantly fabulous.

  42. Perfect shadows. It’s almost as if the door is floating on a white cloud…thanks for stopping by at my shadows. Enjoy the day.

  43. Well put, and it expressed the image fantastically!

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