Spirit, lead me home,
whispering in the silence,
“This is the way, child.”

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Rooftops in Zacatecas, México
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  1. I think that yellow wall is a loud whisper!

  2. Love the color of this city!

  3. “Lead kindly light”……and the homes are so vibrantly colored!!

  4. Nice cadre with these colorful walls of houses.


  5. Wonderful shot ~ “Lead kindly light”… is a good take on the photo ~ thanks ~
    namaste, Carol
    (Share the Creative Journey)

  6. Beautiful perspective.

  7. Beautiful, I love how the rooftop is tiled. One can use it for a patio. I hope they have good drainage.

  8. very plenty of rooftop..hehhe

  9. The rooftops are quite stylish down there, loaded with tile instead of asphalt roof shingles like up north…

    Perhaps the subject is being carried by angels at the cherub’s preferred altitude, above the maddening crowds at street level. A wonderful height to float above it all…

  10. Lovely spot !
    Thanks for dropping by…

  11. Sometimes if you are still and listen carefully you can hear a quiet voice whispering to you even amidst a chaos of color.

  12. I love roof tops, personally. San Francisco has some fabulous ones.

  13. I dream of having a big deck! I can only imagine the good designs I can make on that roof 🙂

  14. Great shot and haiku!

  15. What a remarkable view. You did very well on capturing so many interesting details in this photo.

  16. cool! such a beauty….would love to visit this place….:)

  17. i read all three. moving, commemorative and inspired. spirit, lead me home!

  18. Depending on the voice of the whisperer, that could be rather terrifying to hear 😉

    Love yellow… that’s a mighty bright building!

  19. If I own one house in this place I like to set and wonder what’s going on in my neighbors rooftop. Just being nosy ^_^ Happy weekend!


  20. A lovely haiku.
    I love the image of a guiding whisper leading you home.

  21. You covered a lot of ground with that shot! Great one.

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