Penitent I come—
break your silence, Ancient One,
whisper hope to me.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. we have a lot of these boulders/volcanic rocks in New Zealand.

  2. That is a massive stone. In the real old days, such an edifice stood out as a look of substance, the locals were in awe. As are we today!

  3. The Ancient One says,

    “Search no more……..

    I am the epicenter……..

    of memes.”

    Brilliant how you found all of these MMT.

  4. if only you could hear the whispers of life that lie inside…great shot mmt.

  5. do you hear the whisper? happy SSS to you MMT.

  6. whispering… in your deep sleep, deep along the dream path, markers of hope, all along the way…

  7. Looks solemn in there. Happy SOOC Sunday.

  8. A calm place to meditate/…happy SSS!

  9. What a wonderful old sentinel, been ’round a long time, many stories to tell I’m sure!

    2 more eggs this afternoon…yumm!!! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  10. although the scene seems bleak the colors are beautiful

  11. Just think of how long that stone has been there. What history it has “seen.”

    I like how you personified the boulder, MMT.

  12. What an especially beautiful piece of Haiku for us this week. It is the perfect finishing touch to this awesome rock formation….or boulder. I just love the mix of color. It makes me think that fall is on its way to these mountains of Virginia. Your capture is lovely. genie

  13. Lovely SOOC work!!
    Have a great Sunday!! 🙂

  14. Oh what tales this rock could tell. How many have hidden behind this wonder of nature, found rest in its shadow or climbed its pitted sides? How many critters have nestled beneath its edges?

    Such a beautiful picture. The huge rock against a beautiful blue sky and scattered greenery. Thanks for allowing us to enjoy the wonderous beauty. Happy Sunday!

  15. This rock/boulder definitely has a sense of history and time. What character! A good impression, for sure.

  16. Great rock and a great shot!

  17. It looks like thelittle grasses with the shadows are trying to sneak up on the big rock.

  18. I wonder what lives in that dark recess under the boulder. 🙂

  19. Great picture love the colours

  20. This is very beautiful have a way MMT..

  21. Everything falls into place nicely, and you have a perfectly good haiku with a story to tell.

  22. Such a sharp photo. The shadows tucked under each rock so quiet in comparison.

    I read all the comments on my SSS post to my mom while in PA and she really enjoyed them. She especially liked your poetry. Thanks!

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