Nothing Is Wasted


Nothing is wasted—
  not the aborted revolution in Tiananmen Square;
  not the desperation clenching your gut
    when you discover he’s left you for another woman;
  not the cheap perfume the old lady
    in the elevator (see her slouch in the corner)
    sloshed on herself before she left the house,
    the sickening scent offending every stranger she meets;

Nothing is wasted—
  not the slab of cracked granite tossed aside carelessly
    in a corner of the sculptor’s studio;
  not the light bulb that someone
    forgot to screw into the hallway socket,
    so now you stumble downstairs;
  not the little snowstorm of cigarette ash
    that will have to be brushed from the table
    and everything cleansed and polished
    before your mother comes for supper;

Nothing is wasted—
  there are stories to spin,
  poems lying in wait for you,
  tales aching to be told.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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Posted on August 21, 2011, in Monday Poetry Train Revisited, my poetry, poetry, The Poetry Pantry, The Sunday Whirl. Bookmark the permalink. 13 Comments.

  1. You continue to delight. No words were wasted in this poem. The all take the reader along for a ride. From world affairs to domestic chores, you tied them together in the stories to be told and the poems lying in wait. Wonderful.

  2. words not wasted when you let em loose.
    nice to see you at Poets United!

  3. “tales aching to be told” – I think this is something that all of us writers can understand! Somehow, this piece was very personal to me and struck me deeply. I’ll be thinking on this for days! It was beautifully written, wonderful job!

  4. poems lying in wait for you … I love that.

  5. Thanks for comments and poem you left on my blog’s doorstep this morning.
    I enjoyed looking over your poems and photos.
    I am at a crossroads right now with my own blog.
    I want to make it a little more poetically bold…a little less facebook safe.
    There is always that part of me that thinks my little writings, observations, will come out trite, self-indulgent, needy.
    Once summer is over and I have a more predictable rhythm to my day I think I am going to search out more writing and poetry blogs and sites.
    Yours will be at the top of my list.

  6. Indeed not a word is wasteful that is put in thoughtlessly or carelessly!!…. and lots of smiles at the end too!!

  7. Loved the ‘nothing is waster’ refrain. And particularly liked . . .

    “poems lying in wait for you,
    tales aching to be told.”

    Oh yes!….Wonderful! 🙂

  8. Good conclusion.
    I need to remember this: getting ready to tackle a stack of revisions

  9. what a treasure this was to read writing like this does not come along every day, I am glad for the opportunity to have read it!

  10. Nothing is wasted, everything is a lesson. Thanks for the insightful write. 🙂

  11. this is so unique I just loved it! Love this particularly ” not the little snowstorm of cigarette ash” fabulous imagery!

  12. Excellent! The writer’s mindset brought to life in another terrific wordle poem. I love the vivid images in this one, like a set of closeup photos laid out on a table as individual writing prompts, just waiting for us to choose one to jumpstart our next poem or story.

  13. Oh my goodness, I have just finished listening to a song with the very words of your poem. I had it playing as I browsed through your poems (which I’m enjoying so much). It’s here:

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