When my teacher breathed,
wheat turned into water—fish
sprouted, a whole school!

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: The koi pool at Govinda’s, Tucson, Arizona
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  1. This sounds magical!

  2. MMT….
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Your Haiku Rocked…G

  3. Love the reflections in this shot…great Haiku!

  4. interestingly enough when I saw the school prompt the first thing I thought of were koi, this is lovely, it does have a fairy tale feel to it!

  5. your mastercraft of wordsis always a blessing to me.. and your photos are always the perfect illustrations

  6. Great piece…love how just a few words can say so much!

  7. I love how you find pictures to illustrate your poems

  8. This is a great picture to go with your wonderful haiku.

  9. Wow, love that. Neat imagery in your haiku, too!

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