Kyrie Eleison

Wordle 20

Birdlike, quivering
three women haunted by the Holy One
seek answers to their questions:
Even though we have lost our way,
must we crawl in abject humiliation
for the rest of this seemingly endless journey?
If we are attacked by hordes of insects,
may we swat and crush and stomp them
or must we accept their bites and nips and stings
as Your just judgment on us?
What if, as we stumble on,
one delicate blue flower blooms beside the path?
Shall we understand it as a sign from You
or simply a distraction?
When we goof (we cannot bear to call it sin),
do not bar us from Your presence, Lord!
Instead, hitch us to Yourself
with cords of mercy, grace and love.
O God, keep us from the rack
and all barbed and studded instruments
of enhanced interrogation!
For our faces become pallid, fearing
that our bodies might be broken into bits as bread
is torn and scattered before ravenous pigeons.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

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  1. Wowza…there is so much here to like. You start so matter of fact, and the intensity grows. The pleas are strong and well written. Great wordle!

  2. Powerful, powerful piece!

  3. Great use of the wordle words. They disappear in the story and vivid images you have created. Love where you took this and I like that you used the word ‘goof” to replace the more common ‘sin’. The word sin actually means missing the mark (and we all do that quite regularly). So goof is more than appropriate. Really excellent piece of writing,


  4. Wow! Stunning words that speak to this one who has crossed the desert!

  5. The most beautiful thing is that the Lord DOES have mercy. Over and over : ) No matter what. For that I am very grateful!

  6. I am not sure why I thought of “The Stand” when first starting to read this, maybe the imagery. Nonetheless, you ended on a wonderful note.


  7. Some of the cleverest uses of these words that I have seen in some time. An amazing prayerful wordle. I don’t think that I could have done it any better certainly. It does stop to make one think. Well done!

  8. I like to think we are hitched to the source with cords, as we all are indeed, it gives me a feeling of security!

    Have a lovely week,

    Sue x

  9. Really nicely done! I love what you did with the wordle words here.

  10. A mercy petition solemn and humble!! He is sure to stand steadfastly and listen, then softly say “Amen”

  11. A moving plea so realistic that it would have to be met with compassion and relief. Mercy be extended. Excellent!

  12. Just beautiful. So much thoughtfulness and depth!

  13. When I read your title, I wondered how it would tie in to the wordle. You did a masterful job of bringing it all together.

    Some of your imagery brought to mind the era of the Spanish Inquisition, but the use of “goof” kept it modern; it makes me think instead of missionaries in a foreign land, hostile to the Gospel, afraid they might dishonor God if captured and tortured. A heartbreaking reality even today. Your poem should remind us all to pray for our brothers and sisters in those situations.

  14. You had me at Kyrie Eleison. As a child of the “catechism,” I could feel the cloak of “doctrine” they draped over my conscience for years. Fear and guilt are unavoidable accessories.

    I’m not familiar with a “wurdle” meme (must check that out), but I’m impressed that you managed to use those words to express a universal “truth” so effectively.

  15. the one delicate blue flower
    rises above the dark undertow of doubt
    in perfect mercy.


  16. A very interesting invocation is presented here. The significant words have been skillfully entwined throughout the lines.

  17. And mercy is shown for, without sinners we would have no need of a merciful God, would we?
    Great use of the wordle words, they were indeed cleverly ‘lost’ amongst your lovely piece.

  18. I like what you did with the wordle! Enjoyed.

  19. With each line this gets more intense. 🙂

  20. Excellent and I agree with Jo – intense too

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