buttery petals

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Very soft shadows on this. Lovely.

  2. Gorgeous…so bright n cheery!

  3. Sunlight and shadows on a sunloving flower. Perfect!

  4. Beautiful sun flower and a great shadow shot for the day! Hope you’re enjoying a great weekend!!


  5. Lovely poem and I loved the sunflower. Well done.


  6. Very nice photo and haiku.


  7. I love sunflowers! I love the description, “buttery petals”.

  8. pretty haiku! even prettier sunflower. sunflowers always make me smile:) happy MYM!

  9. Very beautiful! So much character in those varied petals!

  10. Sunflowers are so cheerful.

  11. Is this one of the tall ones or one of the little ones we have popping up everywhere from the sunflower seeds we feed the birds? It looks a bit bigger than my wee ones. The yellow is so vivid with its dark center. A lovely shot. genie

  12. It is really beautiful.

  13. Sunflower is always pretty…Happy MYM!

  14. buttery petals are very scarce here, how big is the flower?

  15. I love sun flower…hope you can visit my mym, tnx!

  16. Nice and lovely flower…perfect shot!

  17. This leaves a good visual in the imagination 🙂

  18. Pretty and cheerful.

    Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  19. Sunny and cheerful ~ like you, MMT!

    Have a great week seeking shadows.

  20. I love sunflower, one of my favorite:)

    visiting from MYM/

    Hope you can visit me too and leave a comment. Thank you!

  21. lovely sunflower. visiting from MYM!

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