on a windy night
tumbleweed clinging to fence
frightened little bird

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Magnificent photo, lovely haiku!

  2. Sparseness of language reinforces singular image. Photography amplifies beautifully. Salute.

  3. A magnificent haiku. That and the picture compliment and reinforce one another so well.
    Thanks for a great read.

  4. Quite a contrast to your flower entry today, but just as lovely in its own right.

  5. Another fine Haiku and the Image is beautiful.


  6. Excellent composition in your photo.
    I like the haiku, too.


  7. this is great photo, very evocative!

  8. Poor birds! How treacherous a windy night can be…!
    Liked ‘Tumbleweed’ and didn’t know it could reach that high!!

  9. The picture is electric and your words catch the sombre mood perfectly.

  10. Another beautiful shot from you this week. I would say this is definitely a mystical photo. You really do have the eye for those perfect shots. genie

  11. A very moody photo that could be a setting for a horror movie!

  12. like this one you set the mood perfectly

  13. sad for the birdies.. but the wind has its own way more often than not!

  14. I like your using tumbleweed in the poem. Well said.

  15. Wonderful words to go along with this photo. I can almost feel the bird’s fear.

  16. Beautiful haiku…I enjoyed the images you create with your words.

  17. Lovely haiku and great photo accompanying.

  18. I LOVE this- the image and words work perfectly!

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