barnyard pool
elixir of joy
for dry beasts

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Nice capture, this is a cool place, hubby enjoyed visiting this place too

  2. Water is so precious! I liked this very much.

  3. who needs alchemists if they have water?

  4. Sight of beauty for a dry people.

  5. In sere times, even muck will so. Nature sets our standards. Well done.

  6. “…even muck will do…”

  7. Must be refreshing for them!!

  8. Refreshing for all the thirsty creatures.. true elixir.. well..

  9. Hopefully just enough…

  10. mud is the best! i praised it too =)

  11. Nice write as usual,,,,,


  12. A slice of reality…well said.

  13. There are times when any water, anywhere will do.
    Great haiku.

  14. I love the earthiness of this.

  15. Very good photo and beautiful haiku.


  16. Love those unexpected places to find reflections!
    Lovely shot!

  17. I wouldn’t care to drink from it but I’m sure that the barnyard beasts appreciate it.

  18. Would that be the pigs? I’m not too much of a farmgirl. Beautiful shot of the ‘pool’ and love the haiku.

  19. It is not just a joy frolicking in.. A dip on a dry day is heavenly!

  20. Water.
    The source of life
    For men, beasts and plants.


  21. I could picture it vividly…:) Nice thoughts!

  22. Indeed water is the elixir for them. Very few words, but a lot said.

  23. i think the plants would like this place too. 🙂
    nice haiku & picture!

  24. I suspect small children would like that pool too; I can just see them splashng around in it, making mudpies and whatnot. 🙂

    Wonderful poem and photo, mmt. 🙂

  25. a welcome pool for any creature!

  26. “Elixir of Joy” – I love that! I can imagine what such a pool would mean to thirsty cattle. Nice!

  27. I love the photo and the poem. So vintage of you…magical

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