A bubbling fountain—
somewhere children are singing
with liquid voices.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Puebla, México
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  1. Very nice photo and haiku. I like the link between the falling water and the children’s voices.

  2. Gorgeous photo and a lovely haiku; I also like the link between the fountain and the children singing.

  3. Like your intrepretation of the waters. The photo is really pretty.

  4. that’s really lovely! i like the analogy of a bubbling fountain with children singing.

  5. Children love fountains! Summer water parks are so much in demand!

  6. I love how you captured this watery scene. I feel like I’m right there next to the fountain. Puebla is a lovely city, especially the historical zone.

  7. This shot I adore….I wanna be there right now instead of here in my rocker sitting guard outer the kids who have been thrown out of class. It is just so pretty. genie

  8. Beautiful shot!

    Please come and see our Fun at the Lake

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