stained with clouds and weeds
wayside water rejoices
after morning rain

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. I just love upside down worlds.

  2. everything is so fresh after a morning rain. love the smell.

  3. Wonderful shot of the sky’s mirror.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  4. Does water rejoice? or just reflect? And what do poets do? 😉

  5. Superb capture, different and so beautiful! Lovely words as always. Hope you have a great weekend!


  6. nice one, the cleansing of water, we all need it

  7. Lovely capture of the reflections. Wonderful haiku and photo. Happy skywatching!

  8. How beautiful!

  9. Rain always carries a wonderful message for humans! The divine gift of God to quench our thirst for the Elixir.

  10. Beautiful morning rain.. and that picture is lovely ~

  11. I love puddle shots! This one is terrific!

  12. Awesome, magical reflection! Truly, an award-winning photo. Your poem, so sweet and I thank you!

  13. Nice reflection of the sky in the puddle!

  14. a perfect haiku for this beautiful reflection photo.

  15. I love the photo, and LOOOOVE your words – but together they’re a formidably FAAAABULOUS combination!

  16. What a combination.. creative mind and creative eye…MMT.. well done..

  17. I hope that rain was needed, fantastic photo. Have a great weekend followed by amazing days.

  18. That’s also a beautiful picture for “Reflections” !

  19. …& birds, swimming, upside down…

  20. How sweet its that to feel!!!
    “wayside water rejoices
    after morning rain”….Simply enjoyed reading it!!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  21. Fish and tadpoles breed
    Find critters flopping about
    Flights of fancy prone

    You could find anything in there!! Needs a do not disturb sign post!! 🙂

  22. what a beautiful sky and even more beautiful words

  23. Just beautiful! Love the words too.

  24. I loved this!!!!!!!!!! Sweet!

  25. ah, this is beautiful and refreshing!~

  26. I like the idea of clouds staining the water!

    Btw, you were right about the darts yesterday!

  27. What a magical shot of the mirrored sky! THanks for your comment and the lovely poem 🙂

  28. But a very good reflection though.

    Peach Sky

  29. how sweet… and love the pic also.. 🙂

  30. Fantastic photo… a lot of things is going in there – could use more time to look at it (used now 15 minutes hehe) – beautiful “taken”

  31. Nice photo and haiku.

    Regards and best wishes

  32. “Sky in a Puddle”–right on!!!! Look up, look down–twice the beauty. Lovely haiku–but when aren’t they!! Have a great weekend. Mickie 🙂

  33. I love the reflection i the pond!
    Have a really nice weekend!

  34. Even muddy water reflect beauty,I see. There’s joy to be found in the most unlikely places. That’s a thought to ponder on.

  35. thats a beautiful reflection of the sky. so clear! thanks for ur visit!

  36. lovely haiku….
    surely, the wayside water must have rejoiced!! 🙂

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