rising phoenix-like
above the desolation—
eagle seeking prey

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Block print by a middle school student
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  1. Beautiful Haiku–POWERFUL last line!!!


  2. What a fabulous drawing and Haiku MMT… and thanks for your kind words….always..

  3. Nice creative art work!! The last line suggests that someone will rise up too in the eagle’s claws or beak!!

  4. I like your haiku and your carved stamp.

  5. The print is absolutely wonderful. You’ve given a great text to accompany it.

  6. very good image here.

  7. what an interesting yet wonderful ‘ku…

  8. beautiful artwork and powerful words to go with it.
    i see another meaning with this haiku, something to do with ground zero.

  9. Terrific haiku, mmt. We don’t have eagles soaring around our neighborhood, but I did spot a pair of hawks the other day…

  10. The eagle, how wonderful!

  11. I echo dsnake1 now after another read!! Fits very aptly and rises above all else!! Kudos to that!!

  12. What a wonderful haiku.

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