Fragrant, comely fruit
reddening along the bough—
dare I pluck it now?

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Pomegranates ripening at Bonelli House, Kingman, Arizona
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  1. Fresh fruit from the tree inspires body and soul!

  2. yes
    ~~dare I pluck it now?~~

    {{ love your use of this word—> comely }}

  3. So wonderfully succulent looking and yes,” pluck it now!!!”

  4. A lovely haiku and a great end to the month.

  5. You’re never really sure until you take that first bite. This is a beautiful photo, and the haiku says so much. We visited the local orchard the day after Mrs. Spadoman and I returned from New Mexico. We bought our favorite Honeycrisp apples and enjoyed the crispy coolness and sweet taste. These look like they’re ready. I can taste them.


  6. I just dared to eat some last week 🙂 Love them!!

    Many seeded fruit
    Red rubies as offering
    Sweet its juicy treat

  7. Reading from Poets United! This makes me hungry. I say..go for it! Nothing quite as dellicious as VERY fresh fruit.

  8. Pluck it!

  9. Yours are full and perfect and almost red. I had to pluck some pomegranates, ready or not, for the Rosh Hashana table, they being a symbolic fruit for this holiday.

  10. Pomegranates are one of my all time favorite fruits…so much work, but totally worth getting to its luscious sweetness! You are one lucky lady!

  11. Colours are lovely. Apples look juicy.

  12. Those aren’t apples, i can see that… we don’t have this kind of fruit in the Netherlands… what are they? pomme granates? Is that the word??? Anyway, they look tasty and I would not wait to long to pluck them!

  13. I would definitely pluck this fruit.

  14. Ah, red apples fresh off the branch – so good… as is your pic and verse.

  15. Noelle Clearwater

    Beautiful and luscious. A gorgeous picture, quiet Edenic with the haiku.

  16. dare, yes, a thousand times,

  17. Yes, dare to pick it…what a lovely image and words…

  18. ‘Pick it and pluck it and taste it an see’ – that little phrase came into my head when I saw this, though I can’t remember where it comes from!

  19. I adore the pomegranate. I even have a tumblr post about my tree… This pleases this reader!

  20. Ah promegranates. We have just finished eating the ones from our tree.
    We dared to cut them all at once in the beginning of September.

  21. Pluck it! Pluck it! Love Poms but they are sooooo much work. 🙂

  22. Pluck away; I did the pom, too! I bought one this week. I love the little jewels inside 😀
    Well Done~

  23. Those fruits look luscious. I hope you picked at least one!

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