What If?


What if I changed my course?

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Posted on October 1, 2011, in Six-Word Saturday. Bookmark the permalink. 17 Comments.

  1. Oooh I love open ended thoughts like this! I’ve changed my course and what I found on the new path was so much more wonderful than anything I’d ever known! Happy Six Word Saturday, thanks for stopping by today!

  2. Think about all the great things serendipitously discovered while searching for something else. Change of course is not always ill-advised.

  3. This morning I wrote stream-of-consciousness in which the subject of “COURSE” came up. So interesting that I took some of the words from this morning’s writing and fashioned Six Word Saturday. And that you commented. And that I find your invitation: What if…

    Oh, but my course ends in a blaze!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my 6WS post…. ūüôā

    And….thanks for this thought-provoking post of your own.

  5. It took me longer to decide to change my course than it did to do it. But I’ve not regretted a second of it!

  6. Stopping by from SIX WORD SATURDAY!!

    Stop by my blog if you are hungry‚Ķ.I have a post about Saturday food today. ūüôā



  7. Thanks for stopping by my 6WS! Wow, your question is a thinker! Good luck with your change!

  8. Changing course could be a good thing; evaluate it, think about it, see if it is the best thing and do it if it sounds like a good thing! Good luck with it!


  9. What if you don’t change it?

  10. Oo, good one. Full of possibilities.

  11. Thanks for dropping by & leaving a comment ūüôā
    Happy Blogging

  12. So many possibilities. I have a hard time embarking on a new course, but generally speaking once the journey’s begun I’m better for it. Good luck!

  13. Change is good…it keeps one from falling into a rut.

  14. Good one open ended! good luck ūüėČ

  15. Sometimes, making a change is for the better!

  16. I decided to change mine. I’m happy with the decision, even if things haven’t moved along as quickly as I had hoped. I hope you find an answer to that question that will make you happy.

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  17. Well why not ? What will it be ? Let us know….Thanks for hopping by and sorry for the delay, long, long, too long week for me.


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