A fence’s language—
twisted wit, flair for riddles—
who can understand?

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. I can almost hear the fence laughing at me as I try to hear the tales it could tell. Lovely picture!!!

  2. The tree understood the twisted wit and rolled on the floor laughing!! 😀

  3. I love this one…thats a great shot…thanks for playing

  4. Wonderful photo! Have a nice Friday and a happy weekend!:)

  5. Looks like the tree and the fence almost had a meeting of the minds!

  6. Love those vivid blue skies, a really interesting capture and the perfect words as always! Hope you have a great weekend!


  7. who can top nanka’s comment? only a very high fence!
    thanks for being so clever and for always being here.

  8. Love this word and image play !
    Have a wonderful weekend !

  9. Great play on twisted words, trees and fences!! Bravo! 🙂

  10. You understand MMT and what you didn’t Nanka made you understand… beautifully written haiku dear.. well done..

  11. There was a twisted fence
    That ran a twisted mile
    Who bumped into a twisted fence
    They chat a twisted while

  12. LOL! Yes, who can understand for sure. 😉

  13. I love this. It looks like the remnants of a flash flood captured by the laughing fence.

  14. great shot, i know who won this conversation

  15. Am thinking of several answers to your riddle photo. Fence used to keep livestock in, abandoned farm, new fields? Like your riddle approach, picture worth a 1,000 words and all that.

  16. Beautiful sky shot!

    My Skyshot, hope you can come and see. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  17. Pretty blue sky and haiku! I love Nanka’s comment too. Great skywatch shot! Happy skywatching and have a great weekend!

  18. Delightful as always.

  19. great fence shot… love the perspective =)

  20. I am always hoping I could be there when a flash storm washes clean the gullies. I’ve seen these debris fences, looks like this one worked. Great haiku to decribe the life it leads.


  21. Hehehe, am not trying to be funny, but it looks like a volley ball net and someone missed the ball (the tree).

    Nice haiku and play of words.

  22. Very good composition.
    I like your haiku.

    Regards and best wishes

  23. A fence of all things ! Well thought of !!

  24. Great words for the pic. Enjoyed the haiku.

  25. Flot billede:)
    /Hanne Bente

  26. love, love love this! Reminds me of my childhood in Northern NM!

  27. What a great picture….love the angle! (as well as the lovely shadows!) Do enjoy your weekend MMT!

  28. It seems that the fence was meant to keep the cattle and varmints inside. Well, not the varmints and snakes who can commute in-and-out of the grazing lands. I may have to redefine my definition of ‘pasture’ though…

  29. That fence would be great for anything that couldn’t walk under it, but not much else 🙂 Never thought that it might have its own language though! Interesting!

  30. You spend a lot of time time in the desert…I’m guessing you don’t get hot easily! Very neat shot.

  31. Hi Magical Mystical Teacher,
    Visiting from SWF…
    Curiously interesting photo. Feels like the branch is pulling it self under the fence/gate.
    Beautiful clear Sky.
    Your Landscape has such a desolate feel to it, yet hums with life. Quite powerful really. I feel if I sat for a while amid the sense of solitude I’d feel the Earth’s inner-world speak.
    Thank you, from Magda and Family in Australia

  32. I understand that there seems to be an invitation there to crawl under that fence to see what’s on the other side! Adventure awaits!

  33. Love the idea that fences may be built, but somehow create their own ersonality long after the building is done! Lovely photo and haiku!

  34. Fences and boundaries. Luckily the thoughts and the words are free!
    Good pickture!

  35. I especially like the Haiku with this one. Interesting array of shadows, too.

  36. Perfect for shadow shot.

  37. creative use of words and image…a fence would have much to tell I am sure…

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