Who can speak with flair
the tortured landscape’s language?
Impossible tongue!

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Super flot billede:)
    /Hanne Bente

  2. Language obstacles

    Impossible speech
    Language rough and abrasive
    Harsh without flair

    A fine rugged and uneven terrain that you have presented here today!!

  3. thanks for all those languages…!!

  4. We’re sure the landscape speaks many languages with all the people who cross it! The stories it could tell!!

  5. The ultimate 4-wheel drive vehicle would have problems traversing this stretch of trail, wet or dry. I couldn’t imagine a horse drawn wagon, pulled by many a horse, would have to pitch camp or retreat. It is a tough looking piece of desert here…

  6. Love how you’re weaving all your themes together into something provocative. You are the master!

  7. It does indeed look like a tortured landscape, with shadows lurking in the hollows.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  8. Wow! glad I don’t have to walk OR drive over that! But what a great shadow shot for the day!! Enjoy your weekend!


  9. Tortured indeed. The desert doesn’t do well when rain comes in a rush. Good Shadow Shot. Have a great weekend.

  10. Sometimes silence reveals more than words…

  11. interesting textures in this shot…

  12. Excellent and nice texture.

    Regards and best wishes

  13. i often wonder what stories nature would tell had it a language we could pass between us.
    visually nature is imparting great legends to us all the time. thank you for listening and capturing this one.

  14. Oh, my gosh, “Impossible Tongue” — brrrrrrrrrrrrriliant. Love it.

  15. sounds like someone needs a speech/voice therapist.

  16. hmmmmm…. the invasion of man and his makings…. how delightful you have presented something so raw…

  17. A scar on the earth, with soil laid bare and vulnerable.

  18. Gripping picture – wonderful haiku!

  19. Great poem; great photo~very stark indeed.

  20. That speaks a thousand words all by itself!

  21. Nice!!! Just as beautiful as Northern new Mexico is, I think. I was just up there this weekend (Northern New Mexico). Got a TON of shadow shots to last me until who knows when!

  22. if the earth could speak

  23. There are times I feel sad for the paths … the land often needs to shout

    “I am healing — leave me alone!!”

  24. Ahhh another great haiku from you. Multi-lingual landscape. That’s a lot of brains.

  25. Parched is what comes to my mind…great shot and haiku to match!

  26. Honestly, as usual, a great and fantastic use of words. I can see the torture and tragedy unfolding on the land. That gully ridge is casting a deep sharp shadow. Would have loved to been there when the storm rolled through. Very cool.


  27. we can only imagine it’s pain. you have captured it well mmt!!

  28. You know the ruts are deep when they cast shadows!

  29. It’s trying to tame the land. The pic says it all. Great haiku!


  30. Interesting shot, effect of the erosion.

  31. So well written as usual. You have a flair for Haiku. Great photo too.


  32. Yeah, tortured landscape, great description!

  33. Tortured indeed. Great textures and shadows.

  34. That made me think…”impossible tongue”…:)

  35. cool photo and words to match.
    Thank you for visiting my

  36. wow, you know how to mix words and a picture to one piece of art…

  37. A lovely haiku.
    I wonder what painful tales the land could tell?

  38. you always wow me! Thank you, teacher.

  39. I wonder what the tortured landscape would tell us…image and haiku work so well together…great job!

  40. Sky above as blues as eyes;
    Leaves flow like ringlets in the wind that
    Caresses the great curve of earth;
    Below – the deep cleft yearns for life-giving rain:
    Impossible metaphor.


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