rising and falling—
this impossible river
of westering light

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Lovely! The silhouettes at the bottom and the wire above, frames the sunset perfectly.

  2. Nice capture, barbed wire is great for adding interest to an image.

  3. Like a cross with a crown of thorns. So dramatic and symbolic.

  4. That’s a great shot – wonderful composition.

  5. Its actually quite fascinating when you use three prompts and come up with a haiku so delightful as this one is!These prompts combined make for creative thinking which you excel at, MMT!

  6. I like looking at the barbed wire in the photograph, but I surely do not like walking up upon it when I have to figure how to get over it without cutting myself. This weekend we have to go out and start cutting some out where some old fence posts have rotted and are falling over. I like looking at your picture a lot more that I am going to like doing what I have ahead of me to do. genie

  7. I love the word, “westering”.

  8. So nice representation of dusk…

  9. I’m in love with the word “westering”. it’s new to me, thanks for the lovely gift. love the photo with the fence in the foreground. great haiku too. happy day to you MMT.

  10. The fence and the sunset – gorgeous combo!

  11. I like that “westering light;” reminds me of whispering hope.

  12. Don’t fence me in…..
    Joyce M

  13. Beautiful words to go with this lovely shot.

  14. Indeed you have captured a “river of light” with this photo. The barbed wire makes this photo more than just a “pretty” picture.

  15. very artistic composition !

  16. This is excellent!! The rising and falling of the impossible river of light in the setting sky!! Brilliant!!

  17. I agree with the comment of Genie, no one wants to jump or climb over the wire. It gives a beautiful background on the sky, great photo.

    Have a nice weekend.

  18. I love your haiku, lovely words. Your sky is beautiful and I like the composition. Gorgeous skywatch, have a great weekend and happy skywatching!

  19. Nice view and so artfully framed, thanks for sharing

  20. soft light and the hard fence, what a combo 😉

  21. Beautiful sunset MMT! This brings me to sort of a cowboy country , The cowboys are back from their rounds at dusk to gather around the fire and having their chow! Great haiku!


  22. A wonderful sunset indeed, balanced perfectly by the barb wire fence and your haiku!

  23. Great photo. I like the thought of the sun and moon rising and falling. I guess I should add the stars to that as well. Another beautiful haiku.


  24. Gorgeous shot….something so soothing about it. I never knew what haiku was until I met you…thanks!

  25. Like taking a deep breath and undividing our attention.
    Happy Friday, Teacher.

  26. So simple, yet so profound. I absolutely love your post today…and the photo is from my neck of the woods, to boot!

  27. I love this river of light….passing over barbs along its way.

  28. I really like both photo and words…

  29. I ove “impossible River”….lovely haiku. thank you!

  30. Wow! Beautiful shot!

  31. Beautifully captured!

    My Skywatch, have a nice weekend!

  32. Lovely silhouette with just the right amount of color.

  33. delicious.
    every word a dance of light!

  34. Beautiful photo of the sky, great perspective.

  35. Do not come to close to the Sun, It is very hot.

    Great Photo.

    Sorry for a late comment

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