Rare but vibrant pool,
could you become a river
rising to the stars?

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: A garden pool at Rancho Los Alamitos, Long Beach, California
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  1. Rising to the stars…superb line…

  2. What a pleasant surprise it would be to happen upon this refreshing little oasis. The one, tiny red flower hovering over it makes me smile. Happy SSS!

  3. A nice little watering hole for the critters. Nice shot

  4. The desert rocks are so gray, the mere hint of vegetation thin and bland. However, the pool set into the gray is a visual oasis! The reflected sky adds a lovely pastel into the scene, the desert not so barren after all…

  5. little pools of water never cease to amaze me.
    peace, reflection and beauty.
    perfect earth gifts.

  6. What a gorgeous shadow shot for the day! Such a beautiful, peaceful place! Just what I needed this morning!! Hope you have a great weekend!


  7. if there is a will little pool…there’s a way!!! splendid shot mmt!

  8. The little corner does look vibrant with much beauty!! It really is pulsating with much energy, water being the joy of desert lands!! The grass makes a lovely criss-cross pattern as do the reflections in the water!! Lively!!

  9. Your pictures make me think and wonder. I love them!

  10. Great Haiku and what a lovely idea. A river rising to the stars.


  11. nice photo and words…love each line…especially a river rising to the stars

  12. wow that photo fits into a lot of categories – great shot!

  13. an inviting photo. very nice!

  14. Beautiful reflections in the water. It is always such fun to put the card into the camera and see that you actually captured in your shots. This is such a pretty shot. Lovely. genie

  15. that’s so touching. but, if one were to be a cynic, one could say, that you have this gorgeous pool, but you have to put it down because it does not have another function you deem necessary. (i got this from people when i was growing up)

  16. How lovely would it be to take a dip in this pretty pool! “…rising to the stars” – I love that line! Gorgeous!

  17. Very pretty stream with lots of different shadows popping through.

  18. A sweet garden pool – so tranquil.

  19. Beautiful reflection and such a peaceful setting, MMT.
    You find the nicest places to photograph!

  20. Very nice reflections on water.

  21. a lovely image for reflections. Thanks for sharing all the links to other fun photography opportunities too.

  22. What a great little spot. Love the shadows and reflection.

  23. What a great find! Love the words too.

  24. Energised with hope and beauty! Just lovely!

  25. Love the blue sky reflecting in the pool. Been ill lately, laying low to recouperate. Take care and be well.


  26. You did it again, great post!
    Look at the shape of spades…

  27. What a sweet little pool. I love the refelctions.

  28. Hello there MMT 😉
    Simple yet complex when you peer into the water and see the many reflections … water is such an intricate element ti photograph .. beautiful pool smiling up at any and all that admire it ?

  29. Very beautiful and peaceful looking place.

  30. i do have a new photo…just an old brain…forgot that i put that entry in specifically last week and just punch it in again yesterday. anyway…thanks for stopping by!!

  31. Such a tiny pool but as lovely as can be – and the haiku, as always, is perfection.

  32. What a perfect little pool of water!

  33. Magic Mystery Teacher
    Your pictures and poetry
    rising to the stars

  34. Lovely textures and light, within nature’s blanket.

  35. What a pretty little pond 🙂

  36. It’s like a future telling oracle.

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