When red leaves appear,
the harvest draws near—reaper,
come set the seeds free!

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. thanks for the visit, you’ve a nice photo here..

  2. What a wonderful word picture of autumn. The photo is marvelous as well.

  3. You are just the best with your photos and perfect words.

  4. Love your leaves with tinges of red all around. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Three down and I found my favorite with this last one!!!! Maybe I’m the more traditional type. Lovely photo and I do so like the haiku. “Come set the seeds free”–love it. Mickie 🙂

  6. Isn’t autumn gorgeous this year – Our fall foliage is also showing lots of red. What a delight. This Sandwich Generation granny nanny is DEFINITELY REVELING in it!

  7. Now that’s what I call economical, covering so many prompts in one haiku!

  8. Beautiful Fall Foliage !

  9. The vermillion leaves enhance the wayside scene!! Beautiful photograph!!
    Coming from HMH

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