You do not scare me,
far-from-flawless desert fence—
your teeth are broken!

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. How does the fence stay up without a proper post?

  2. Hey that’s a proper post. At least in my part of the country! I posted photos of a similar fence (great minds). I love this photo – you’ve captured the fence well.

  3. Oh I love this the rail the wire it is a great shot. B

  4. I would love to know the age of this one…wonder at the life it has seen.

  5. That’s a great fence post! I love the haiku you’ve written for it. Well done!

  6. The barb is worse than its bite!! 🙂

  7. Ouch, I’m glad that wasn’t me twisted in the wire.

  8. Great photo!! I love that the post is crooked and the wires not straight!! It has been into the wine again…

  9. Wonderful composition of knarly post, barbed wire, and lovely sky!
    Your poetry is perfect.

  10. Love the crooked post! The sky just pops too!! Thanks for playing today

  11. once you’ve collected your haiku into a book, and when that book reaches my hands, I will carry it with me every day, taking it out and reading it wherever I’m sitting and waiting. its pages will become dog-eared from all the love. I’m anxiously awaiting that day. happy weekend to you MMT.

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      You, my dear Ms. Becky, are so kind! The book is in progress…promise! (At which time, of course, everyone will know my true identity!) 🙂

  12. Great photo!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  13. It does a good job of holding the wire in a zig-zag sort of way.

  14. That’s one of the coolest fence posts I’ve ever seen. Wonderful haiku, also.

  15. Outback ingenuity..love this shot.

  16. Wow. This really spoke to me, including the feel of the barbs on the wire.

  17. A great example of using whatever resources are at hand! Cool shot.

  18. Familiar scene since I grew up on a farm. Thanks for commenting on my Shadow Shot!

  19. Lovely play with phot and words !
    Happy Weekend !
    Beware the teeth…;-)

  20. Love the weathered wood post and barb wire together.

  21. hahah what an ingenious fence
    Bridget #36

  22. really beautiful sooc capture!!!

  23. Fabulous fence post in this shot!

  24. I think that stick is talking to us. I see a face and a birds’ head in the gnarls.

  25. That is a great photo.I like country shots with the beautiful landscape in the background. Have a wonderful weekend.

  26. Delicious play of light and shadows with a nice view. Delicious haiku.

  27. Great shot! Nice fence – broken teeth an’ all.

  28. Great post to “Himmelsk”. Have a nice dag!

  29. My deer skull from last week would feel right at home in this photo!

  30. This looks like a few of the fences that my ex-in-laws used to put up. They have a dairy farm and would put up temporary fences for baby calves. sometimes they would be put together with grass strings or duck tape and tobacco sticks. Whatever they could find at the moment. But, it did what they needed it to do.
    The sky in your picture is so pretty, too.

  31. Oh I dunno, those teeth still look mighty sharp to me!

  32. i like the shot. creative interpretation and good lines to go with it.

    My Third Eye

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